How Should a Fur Coat Hairstyle Be?

Fur coats, which became famous after the Monster cartoon, are offered again in their most vibrant colors for the 2019 winter collection. Long-haired and fluffy coats, combined with the fur font, create a strong and confident first space for women.

2019 Winter Street Fashion Fur Trend

Fur Coat Models 2019

Fur Coat Fashion 2019
Fur coats, which give the appearance of a sheltered costume, live a long life with their short cut and proportionally presenting body measurements.

Fur Coat Hairstyle
Especially if you have chosen a collarless fur coat, you can maintain the elegance of the Stone Age fashion by applying the Betty or Vilma model. The fluffy body and the top bun, which shows your elegant neck showing all your grace on it, like a swan, is the most ideal hairstyle.

Ponytails or scattered hairstyles offer a wonderful look with plush coats and fur coats.

What to Wear Under Fur Coat?
Cropped leggings and short flat boots create the most stylish combination. Depending on your clothing concept, you can use it with jeans, long knit skirts and knitwear trousers. You can make the exaggerated and cocoon appearance of furs more shabby with simple combinations.

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