What are the Symptoms of Cataract, How to Understand? Treatment

Symptoms caused by cataract, helps to prevent more severe damage to the eyes when noticed beforehand and enables early diagnosis of the disease. Cataract, which usually appears as thickening and hardening of the eye lens in advancing ages, causes decreased visual clarity and fading in colors.

Cataract symptoms, an eye disease that can be seen at any age, allow the disease to be treated before it progresses and allow the eyes to see as before. Every person’s eyes, from babies to the elderly, are susceptible to cataract formation. Since cataract treatment cannot be treated with methods such as drugs and glasses, patients diagnosed with cataract should definitely undergo surgery.

What Causes Cataracts?

Defects in the eyes indicate different diseases. The lens of the eye transmits the light and objects coming from the outside in a transparent way to the brain and the vision process takes place. Cataract disease occurs as a result of the loss of transparency of the lens behind the pupil over time and the thickening and dulling of the eye lens. Cataract onset, although it is more common especially in the elderly, this disease is also seen in congenital babies and some young people.

What are the Symptoms of Cataract, How to Understand? Treatment

The most important cause of cataract is the water and protein balance in the eye structure, depending on the changes that occur in its structure over time. Since the decrease in proteins causes the lens in the eye structure to thicken and harden, blurring and clarity problems arise in the eyes. Also;

  • Diabetes,
  • Hypertension,
  • Obesity,
  • Cortisone drugs,
  • Blows to the lens of the eye,
  • Intense exposure to harmful rays such as sunlight
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It is one of the most important factors that cause cataracts.

How to Understand that Eye Disorders Are Cataracts?

Not every visual impairment is Cataract. Test results as a result of the symptoms experienced and the examination of the specialist doctor Cataract diagnosis and examinations will be a guide for. Common Cataract symptoms;

  • Decreased visual acuity and blurring of the image,
  • Difficulty reading texts,
  • Double vision,
  • Colors become pale and gray,
  • Being affected by light at night and burning and pain in the eyes,
  • Difficulty driving and dispersion of light,

If it occurs in the form of a doctor, it is absolutely necessary to go to the control. As a result of the tests to be carried out by the ophthalmologist with the help of a biomicroscope, it is easily understood whether the discomfort in the eyes is Cataract. Cataract surgeries give successful results since cataract surgeries are completed quickly, especially with laser systems, together with the developing technology.

What are the Symptoms of Cataract, How to Understand? Treatment

What are the Symptoms of Cataract in Babies?

Although cataracts mostly occur in the elderly, hereditary factors and infections in the womb during pregnancy can cause cataracts in babies. Parents who suspect that their children have congenital visual impairment should definitely take their children to a doctor if they observe some symptoms. Cataract symptoms in babies;

  • The white part of the pupil is much more,
  • The baby’s sensitivity to light,
  • The baby’s insensitivity to some movements,
  • Behaviors observed in children after the age of 2 in the form of constantly hitting something and falling

Behaviors in the form of

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are among the symptoms that require a specialist doctor’s examination.