What are the Causes of Bone Pain, Which Diseases Does It Indicate?

Disorders that cause bone pain can be caused by diseases as well as for different reasons. Although the pain in the bones is not caused by disease, but due to daily activities, being overweight, blows and edema, experiencing bone pain continuously can be a sign of bone cancer and more risky diseases outside the bone development periods.

If your pain is not relieved even though you have rested enough, if there is someone in your family and close circle who suffers from diseases such as bone cancer, such people are considered in a risky group. Differentiating bone pain from muscle pain and revealing the symptoms are important in terms of diagnosing the diseases correctly. For this reason, the symptoms experienced should be well observed and the factors causing the disease or bone pain should be determined clearly.

How to Understand that Pain in Legs and Arms Is Bone Pain?

Pain in the joints and bones is confused with muscle pain. Pain that occurs at the junction of bones and bones is pain that is felt more deeply and lasts longer than muscle pains. I can’t sleep at night because of leg pain, it can be thought that he has bone pain and joint pain. Because muscle pains are simple pains that usually occur for a short time and disappear if enough rest is given. Bone pain is more severe pain that distorts the shape of the body and affects the normal course of life.

Bone pain is mostly caused by the joints that allow the bones to move together. Damages and deformities in the tissues that occur in the cartilage that brings the joints together are the most important causes of bone pain. Causes of bone pain;

  • Fractures and dislocations,
  • Those who have had an accident or injury before,
  • Overweights,
  • The elderly,
  • Cold-like ailments such as flu and flu
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It appears as

. If bone and joint pains, which are usually seen in the legs, arms, hips, knees and wrists, do not occur due to the above reasons, it may be a harbinger of disease. For this reason, it is useful to be examined by a doctor in long-term bone pain.

What are the Causes of Bone Pain, Which Diseases Does It Indicate?

Which Diseases Does Bone Pain Indicate?

Those who experience constant bone pain Bone pains are a sign of what. Although many bone and joint pains occur in the form of non-serious daily activities, bone pain can be a symptom of some diseases. Bone pain;

  • Bone cancer,
  • Calcification,
  • Cartilage sac inflammations that occur in the joints called bursitis,
  • Bone loss (osteoporosis)
  • Bone tumor that occurs in bone tissues called osteoid osteoma,
  • Intraosseous tumors that occur in the bone cartilage tissue called enchondroma

It can be a symptom of diseases such as. For this reason, in cases where the pain lasts longer than 1 week, lack of movement due to bone pain, excessive and continuous weight loss, high fever accompanied by bone pain, and edema and inflammation occurring in areas with bone pain, a doctor should be consulted.