How Does Urea Height Decrease? Causes Treatment

Urea elevation treatment requires help from an internist. As a result of blood tests performed by the internal medicine doctor, it is determined that the urea level is high or low. The treatment methods should be decided by the doctor according to the underlying disease of the problem causing the height.

Urea Normal Values

Urea, which the kidneys cannot filter, begins to accumulate in the blood Urea hazard limit and the urea values ​​in the blood are higher than normal. Normally, the amount of urea required in 100 ml of blood should be less than 50 mg. If it is higher than normal values, it gives the symptom of various diseases. Normal urea values ​​that should be in a healthy person; It is 10-16 mg/dL. If it is less than 5mg/mL and higher than 50mg/dL, it may be a sign of disease.

How Does Urea Height Decrease? Causes Treatment

Causes of Urea High

  • Problems arising from the kidneys
  • Health problems caused by the digestive system
  • Uncontrolled long-term diets
  • Excessive protein consumption
  • Heart failure
  • Excessive dehydration
  • Experiencing situations such as prolonged hunger, excessive exercise and drug use cause high urea.

What are Urea-Reducing Foods?

Ways to lower urea in foods and to help protect kidney health, the foods that are good for urea are as follows:

  • Cherry stalk is a good antioxidant and prevents the accumulation of urea in the blood.
  • Rice, which is consumed in sufficient amounts, is among the nutrients that are good for urea.
  • Reducing the consumption of salt, especially among foods with low sodium content, prevents the accumulation of urea in the blood.
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Other foods that are good for high urea by preventing the accumulation of urea in the blood;

  • Chickpea and cabbage leaf juices,
  • Juniper seed and parsley juices,
  • Calendula and weed,
  • Fennel,
  • Artichoke leaves
  • Freshly squeezed orange juice,
  • Dandelion

Foods that increase urea and creatinine, it is necessary to stay away from foods such as nuts, chocolate, bananas and apricots and reduce protein consumption.