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Folligen Reviews – Hair Loss – Treatment, Care, Products

The Folligen line of hair care products is currently being marketed by Skin Biology. Skin Biology produces several other products for the market, including creams and lotions. Folligen is just one of many successful products that have reached and awed a worldwide audience.

Folligen is by no means related to volatile compounds like minoxidil. However, it’s related at least on one point – Folligen would be more useful to users if they use it with minoxidil. According to consumer reviews, it would work best with at least 5% minoxidil. The reason behind this combinatory use of two products is that it’s basically hair nourishment.

As with any kind of nourishment, it can provide results or it may not. Since the product is loaded with vitamins and other organic and inorganic compounds that prolong the life of the keratin in the hair, it may or it may not work.

Does Folligen Really Work?

Folligen Reviews - Hair Loss - Treatment, Care, Products
Folligen Reviews – Hair Loss – Treatment, Care, Products

First of all, Folligen comes in either lotion or spray form. Both have the same function of strengthening hair and reducing hair loss. This would especially be useful for ageing men and women who have thinner and far weaker hair. For those who would like to simply slow down the process of balding, Folligen seems to be a good choice.

Also, since Folligen is nutritive, it may help burn vitamins (actual burn or chemical burn) to stimulate hair growth once again. Though there are no documented cases of burn vitamins specifically using Folligen to bring back some of the hair, it’s only logical that a vitamin-loaded formulation can only be good news to a scalp that’s been damaged by heat or fire.

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Folligen User Reviews (Side Effects)

DHT Dihydrotestosterone
DHT Dihydrotestosterone – Androgen

The potential disadvantages of Folligen lie on the organic and inorganic components used. For example, the copper peptides that are included for massive hair repair may cause adverse effects in some users. The effect will not be limited to the scalp – because allergies often spread to other nearby parts. To make sure, rub Folligen somewhere else and see whether an irritation will take place. Though this test is sometimes unreliable, it’s better than directly applying it to your crowning glory.

Copper peptides are also known as DHT inhibitors – which cause baldness especially in men. DHT is the product of rapid and sustained fluctuations in testosterone. It is the natural byproduct of human hormonal activity that causes problems for the scalp.

Testosterone – Androgen

Another disadvantage would be the fact that it uses saw palmetto. Saw palmetto has never been tested specifically to cure or even remedy baldness for a short while in a strictly scientific settingThis means that you would probably be putting something in your hair that hasn’t been empirically proven to work.

Where To Buy Folligen Products?

Folligen products are copper-peptide enhanced. The Folligen Solution Therapy Spray is being retailed by the company website for $36.95. The Folligen Lotion on the other hand, can be order for just $21.95. The cream solution sells for $21.95. The shampoo and conditioner combination for healthier scalps and stronger hair is sold for just $33.95. The trial kit for those who want to see if Folligen works is retailed for just $24.95. The lowest price found online is at Amazon.

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