Wound in the mouth and palpable swelling on the neck can be a sign of cancer!

Wound in the mouth and palpable swelling on the neck can be a sign of cancer!

Wound in the mouth and palpable swelling on the neck can be a sign of cancer!

Many people can delay solving minor health problems by going to health institutions during the pandemic period with the Kovid-19 concern. However, some health issues that do not appear to be valuable can cause negative consequences if they are not treated. What are these? ENT Diseases Specialist Prof.Dr. Ozan Seymen Sezen made valuable statements about the issue.

Head and Neck Surgery, ENT Diseases Specialist Prof.Dr. Ozan Seymen Sezen “Many people may not want to go to hospitals or health institutions unless they have a serious health problem. However, they may prefer to go to hospitals in very urgent and valuable situations. This is understandable. However, emergencies are always in the form of an accident or bleeding. “Some things that seem worthless to you may also be very urgent and very valuable. It’s like you know what’s valuable and what’s worthless?” made his comment.

Pay attention to the two signs in the mouth and in length!

Prof. dr. Ozan Seymen Sezen said, “As an otolaryngologist, you probably won’t care much during the pandemic period. I would like to talk about two very valuable findings that you can say but not behind the eyes. One of them is the wounds in the mouth, especially the wounds that do not heal. Secondly, we can say that swelling and stiffness in the neck region,” he said.

If it doesn’t go away in 15-20 days, the reason may be cancer.

Prof. dr. Ozan Seymen Sezen said, “In general, the wounds in the mouth pass in 15-20 days. If your mouth sores have not healed within this period, this may be a harbinger of an evil disease, to be frank, cancer.
In the same way, if the findings in the form of hardness and swelling, which can be felt from the outside in its length, do not go away in 15-20 days, in 1 month, it may be a harbinger of a cancer that has formed in the head and neck region. There is a very meaningful phrase used by the ancient people, which is almost forgotten: Don’t be afraid of cancer, be afraid of being late. As a matter of fact, it is a sentence that speaks very nicely of the situation,” said Sezen. It can be very, very high. Therefore, it is necessary to value this issue and to consult a specialist when the findings are seen.

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‘Go to institutions that are not crowded’

Ozan Seymen Sezen said, “You can rightfully hesitate to go to hospitals and health centers. However, you can go to a center that is close to your home, not too crowded, quiet, and where fewer people visit, and you can consult an ENT specialist and tell him about your complaints. Thus, you can start your treatment quickly. Because ENT specialists are highly skilled and experienced in diagnosing such wounds and neck masses.

There is an increase in mouth and neck cancers!

Sezen said, “We have been going through the pandemic process for almost 10 months, and unfortunately, we see that some of our patients have not consulted any doctor since the pandemic period, despite these procedural complaints.” We naturally treat them, but in this case, we need to strive with a more advanced disease. Please value your own health. If you experience these two symptoms that seem easy and do not pass in 15-20 days, 1 month, you should definitely consult an otolaryngologist. See you soon. Because your health is more important than anything else.”