No matter how extensive and extensive your skin care routine is, one of the important and important steps we should not forget is to use sunscreen. Every day and every season! Regardless of your skin tone and skin type, sunscreens are the rule to create a barrier against the damaging sun rays. But we all know that it is difficult to find a formula that is not heavy but effective. That’s exactly why Winnie Harlow adds to our skincare routine with her new brand of beauty.

Harlow, who founded the beauty brand Cay Skin with an SPF-focused collection, explained that he was inspired by his personal experiences for sunscreen. “I remember being in Jamaica and my dad was putting sunscreen all over me. My skin also had a blue color,” said Harlow, adding that the sunscreen adventure that started on the shoreline was included in his daily skin care routine in the following years.

Saying, “Sunscreen and skin care have always been a powerful force in my life,” Harlow designed sunscreens for every skin tone with Cay Skin. Aiming to break the belief that dark skins do not need sunscreen, Harlow says, “Nobody has enough melanin to protect against damaging sun rays. “I want them to understand that these sunscreens are for everyone who is in the sun.”

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