With the process we’ve been through in the last months, our motivation has increased to try make-up and hair trends that we haven’t tried. While we add color to our quarantine days with the DIY dyes and bangs we see from celebrities, we realize that the trends we have seen on Instagram in recent weeks have determined the hairstyles of 2020. We see green or fire red hair colors as well as buns and ponytails that do not require effort and effort.

Hair trends that spread to two different ends do not require you to struggle, but on the other hand, they highlight your crazy spirit. Just like in clothing trends, it is impossible not to find a model that fits your style in the midst of hair trends that spread from fashion shows to celebrities and then to street fashion and social media! While the reflection of naturalness we see in makeup trends is seen in simple hairstyles, the trend of maximalism in clothing trends is also seen in punk rock inspired or statement accessory hairstyles.

If you are ready for crazy changes in 2020, where you can try a different style for each of your styles, you can see the 15 hair trends of the year in the photo gallery.



Who can deny the popularity of hair accessories? If you see a padded headband wherever you look, you’re not alone! In addition to hats, hair accessories, another savior of bad hair days, have the power to change your whole style with a single touch. In 2020, we see crystal stones, embroideries and oversized details in hair accessories that become even more flashy.

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Don’t be fooled by the name of this bangs trend! The effect of micro bangs is quite macro! If you’ve always wanted to try a bang model but have always given up because of your narrow forehead, this is the time… In 2020, dramatic-effect micro-bangs are in the middle of prominent hairstyles.

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Reds and fire reds are in the middle of the hair colors we’ve seen the most in recent years. Fire reds combined with copper and gold undertones create a dazzling hairstyle. The new generation red hair, which is a little romantic and a little vamp, is in the middle of 2020’s popular hair colors.

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Truth goes to the other end of the bob haircuts and we pause at Rapunzel-inspired hair. Moreover, there is no limit to the hairstyles you can try with long hair that creates a Cher effect. You can choose long hair, which is preferred with folded or straight sections, in models that will frame your face.

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The ‘Rock Chic’ hair trend of 2020 takes us to the Woodstock fest in the ’60s. Inspired by the rebellious grunge and punk years, her rock-chic hair stands out with voluminous and messy half-buns. Although inspired by the past, this hair style, which looks quite contemporary, is recommended for days when you feel rebellious!

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Do you think that you will visit the braids you knitted on both sides in your primary school years again in your adult life? You can add a difference to the braids that create a cute yet feminine look with ribbons and colorful hairpins. These cute braids, which are in the middle of school girls’ must-haves, are now in luxury fashion and street style!

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Healthy green smoothies aren’t just in the midst of food trends! It is ideal for those who love green love and alternative style, which is also carried over to hairstyles. Greens, which are in the middle of Billie Eilish’s favorite colors, are in the middle of 2020’s favorite hair colors. If you want to do something crazy in your life, vote for the greens in 2020.

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CLASSIC Ponytails

In addition to eccentric hairstyles, tight and low ponytails stand out. You can add your own interpretation to the classic ponytails that you can try with colorful hairpins or scrunchie hairpins.

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Imagine that beach waves are achieved much more easily and effortlessly. Don’t complain about your loose and messy looking waves! Effortless and sluggish waves stand out in 2020. These waves, which you can achieve by braiding your wet hair at night and combing it in the morning, underline the naturalness.

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Hair embroidery, another version of hair accessories, stands out with beads and pearls in the middle of the braids. Fabric and bead cuts used to add difference to classic hairstyles are in the middle of 2020’s favorite accessory trends. In this period, we can say that your jewelry is replaced by hair jewelry!

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In 2019, we saw the ‘glass’ hair trend that broke out in the middle. Now we’re shifting a few degrees to the side! You can get both a retro and attractive look with hair separations close to your ear. You can fix the side separations, especially in the buns and ponytails, with gel or hair sprays.

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The fringe balayage that Christina Aguilera preferred in the early 2000s is back! The yellow bangs that Dua Lipa tried before continued to be seen in fashion shows and celebrities. If you are not ready to lighten your dark hair color completely, you can start by trying this cut blonde style.

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The short hair, which is the opposite of Rapunzel, is inspired by the famous model of the 60s, Twiggy, as always. Seen as the pioneer of short hair, Twiggy made this hairstyle seen on young children feminine and feminine. Short hair, which turns into a lively model with layered and sharp sections, is in the middle of the preferences of celebrities such as Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart and Emma Thompson.

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Perms, which started to become a trend behind the scenes last year, maintain their popularity in 2020 as well. Perms, which are included in our lives together with the clothing styles of the 70s, are among the models we recommend for those who are bored with straight hair! Unlike a tattoo that you have to tie for a lifetime, perms that last only 4-5 months are ideal for making a small change in your life.

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Our desire for a life free from clutter is also reflected in our hairstyles! The tight knobs we see in fashion shows are starting to be seen not only in office style but also in casual style. Shiny and tight buns straddle a fine line in the middle of a sophisticated and contemporary look.

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