What should be done to prevent mustache in women, try the painless sugar method!

Another common complaint of women is mustache growth. Why do women have mustaches? What should be done to prevent mustache growth in women? What to do so that the mustache does not grow? Although it is a situation that is complained about, we do not give up without removing the mustache. Is there any way to escape? Aiming to get rid of the problem of mustache growth due to genetic or hormonal conditions and to answer all the questions that remain in mind, we, as appleelma.com, have hidden natural formulas! Here is the secret of getting rid of mustache forever…


In the past years, one of the easy techniques used by women to remove facial hair was sugar formula, since there were no multiple systems such as waxing or epilation. You can get rid of unwanted hair in a practical form without pain.

How is it done? Add a quarter of a glass of water to the pot and then add 2 glasses of sugar and the juice of half a lemon. When your mixture starts to boil, lower the bottom of the pot. After boiling for about 5-6 minutes, turn off the stove and let it cool. After applying baby powder or cornstarch to the part of your hair, apply our paste-like mixture and pull real to the exit side of the hairs with a cloth cut.


The lentil procedure, which helps to get rid of dead skin on the skin, also helps to get rid of unwanted hair.

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How is it done? Grind a handful of lentils and mix them with honey until it becomes a paste. Apply the paste on your mustache and leave for a minute. Do this method once a week.