What is mesotherapy good for? Permanent foundation effective skin care application!

Facial mesotherapy, which is the new favorite of skin care formulas, is a skin care procedure applied to the lower and upper parts of the skin by means of small needles, which makes the skin baby-like, obtained by mixing various minerals and vitamins. Well, is mesotherapy applied to the face painful, how is it applied to the skin, who can have mesotherapy? Here you can find all your questions about mesotherapy on appleelma.com!

What is facial mesotherapy?

With mesotherapy applied to the face, hyaluronic acids, vitamins and minerals, which renew the skin, are mixed in small quantities with drugs and given directly into and under the skin. Since the size of the drugs is very small, any side effects on the skin are prevented. It is a natural and useful procedure, especially to take precautions against premature wrinkling and sagging of the skin. It increases the production of collagen and elastin in the skin by warning the skin with small needles.

How is it applied?

In face mesotherapy (mesolift), the skin is disinfected and cleaned before the application. Anesthetic cream can be applied before the skin undergoes a process. The mixture obtained with various vitamins and minerals is applied inside and on the skin with small needles.

In which cases is mesotherapy applied?

If the person’s skin structure is dull and has a dull skin that has lost its brightness, if the skin has lost its elasticity to wrap, to prevent aging of the skin, to erase the tired image created by the daily heavy tempo on the skin, to prevent damage to the skin of smokers,

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It is used to take precautions against the damaging rays of the sun, especially in the summer months, and to get rid of acne spots and scars on the skin, and to get rid of cracks in the skin.