Users with curly and wavy hair use electrical appliances such as hair straighteners or blow dryers to make their hair look straight. One of the products that offer a more practical and healthy use than these electrical appliances is the hair straightening comb. The hair straightening comb is a device that works with electricity and allows the hair to be straightened while combing by emitting heat. The hair straightening comb, one of the hair styling devices, is in the middle of the most recognizable works of recent years.

How to Use Hair Straightening Comb?
The hair straightening comb, which can be used in different heat levels, provides a maximum temperature of 230 degrees. It is in the middle of the details that are curious about how the works with strong color options are used. You can read the steps followed to use the hair straightening comb.

First of all, before using the product, the hair should be dried sufficiently so that the hair does not burn.

It is recommended that the hair be pure before using the product. The fact that the hair is clean and free of dirt increases the performance of the work.

Before applying a high degree of heat, one of the heat-protecting products, such as serum or oil, should be applied to the hair at random to protect the hair. The process begins by applying care products that protect from heat from the base of the hair to the excess ends.

Before starting the hair straightening, the hair is randomly combed with a brush or comb. It is easier to apply the work on combed hair.

The product is turned on and the desired speed level is adjusted and it is expected to warm up.

In order to get the best result while straightening the hair, the hair is divided into tufts and the hair straightening process is started.

The hair is straightened in tufts, even if it coincides with the mouth of the comb, and the tuft should be kept smaller in order to get the most out of the comb.

Seeing the teeth of the comb and removing less hair during the process ensures that the process is efficient.

The process is continued until each strand of the hair is straightened and the comb is cleaned at the end of the process. In order for the comb to be long-lasting, it is necessary not to leave any hair or care work residue on the comb.

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What Should Be Considered When Using and Buying a Hair Straightening Comb?
The hair straightening comb, which is used in hair care and provides straightening of the hair, is in the middle of the works that should be used carefully. Straight hair is obtained in a short time with different heat levels and it is necessary to keep the temperature low on dyed, processed or damaged hair. If the temperature is high, the ends of the hair dry out and breakage occurs over time.

Hair should not be damp or wet. When a product is applied to damp hair, the hair becomes thinner by burning due to too much heat, and this leads to the problem of hair loss. Before using the product, it is one of the recommended details for hair health to use products such as heat protectant serum, oil or spray so that the hair does not lose the keratin cost. Combing the hair with a regular comb before using the work models makes the process more successful.

One of the details that users wonder is which hair straightening comb is suitable for which hair. Mostly hair straightening combs are designed for use on all hair types. When used on every hair type, the artifacts make the hair straight. However, when purchasing artifacts to use on curly hair, care should be taken to ensure that the work is of good quality and care should be taken to have a heat setting in the artifacts. Because putting curly hair into straight form is a bit more troublesome process, and at this point, choosing the works with a high temperature allows to get effective results in a short time.


Users with fine hair do not need high-temperature gradual work, and even products with a temperature of 120-130 degrees allow the hair to straighten in a short time. The most valuable detail when purchasing the artifacts is the head of the comb, and users with thick hair may prefer items with a larger cap size.


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