What Are the Benefits of Yarrow, What Is It Good For? Does It Cause Acne?

The benefits of yarrow plant shows itself especially in inflamed wounds. The plant is used in problems related to the digestive system, inflamed skin wounds and acne that has started to appear excessively. In these areas, this herb helps alternative medicine.

The Benefits of Yarrow

Yarrow users

The benefits of can be listed as follows:

  • Increase body resistance. It increases the resistance so that the person does not get sick. It strengthens the immune system.
  • Regulates the digestive system. It is very good for indigestion problem.
  • It also gives shine and cleaning to the skin. yarrow benefits for skin. Those who use this herb have witnessed a decrease in acne and a clearing of the skin.
  • It has the function of diuretic. It puts the necessary pressure for menstruation to come and reduces pain. However, with this feature yarrow pregnancy is not a plant suitable for use in the period.
  • It strengthens the immune system of the person in case of cold. It is a good expectorant.
  • The plant, which is known to be good for the stomach, has a regulating effect on stomach acid when its tea is drunk by brewing.

How to Use Yarrow?

Yarrow is used in the form of infusion in water. 1 glass of water is boiled. Add 1 teaspoon of yarrow to the water. It is expected to brew for 10 minutes. It is filtered and thus drunk. Boiling should not be done by adding cold yarrow into it before. Attention should be paid to this detail so that the active substances in it do not die, and at the same time, the plant should not be boiled after being thrown into the water. This prepared tea should be drunk fresh. Soaked tea is harmful for metabolism.

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