What are the Benefits of Green Banana? Is Green Banana Harmful?

Consuming green bananas although it is not preferred much in our country, it is actually quite useful. The fact that we usually come across ripe and yellowed bananas in markets and greengrocers has led us to believe that bananas will be consumed in this way. However, green bananas are recommended to be consumed by nutritionists and dietitians due to their long-lasting fullness, higher fiber content compared to yellowed bananas, and benefits to the digestive system.

Is Green Banana Harmful?

Eat green bananas

The question and the thought that green bananas are harmful are among the well-known mistakes. Banana, one of the most consumed fruits in the world, is consumed both green and ripe. Consumption of green bananas, although not excessive, has the feature of supporting digestion. The rapid repair of worn and tired muscles is provided by the energy and nutritional values ​​contained in green banana.

Excessive consumption of green bananas;

  • Abdominal pain,
  • Weight gain,
  • Diabetes

. Green banana fries is an alternative that does not have anything to do with fruit, but appeals to the taste of sweet lovers. Consumption of green banana by frying does not cause any change in its taste, and banana enriched with honey and milk is used in kitchens as a very useful food.

What are the Positive Effects of Green Banana on Health?

With its abundant carbohydrates and energy-providing functions green banana calories, it has a caloric value between 100-150. Green banana consumed after heavy and intense work takes an active role in the repair of muscles and provides resistance to the body. Unripe green bananas also play an active role in weight control and lowering blood sugar and cholesterol. Other than these, unripe bananas consumed as green;

  • In meeting the need for vitamin B-6 and in the production of hemoglobin protein,
  • Thanks to its fibrous structure, it regulates the digestive system,
  • Facilitating weight loss with its satiety feature,
  • In strengthening the immune system and maintaining your blood values ​​at a normal level,
  • In the prevention of diseases such as stomach ailments, gastritis,
  • In the treatment of heart rhythm disorders and hypertension patients
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Known for its benefits to the body, green banana is a good source of energy. The high amount of potassium, which is found more in green bananas than in ripe bananas, provides benefits for the healthy functioning of the brain’s functions and balancing blood pressure, and its consumption is encouraged by experts in cardiovascular diseases.