We researched the most skin diseases allergies and moles in 2021

According to the We Are Social 2021 report, the biggest reason for individuals to go online is information search with a rate of 63%. In other words, almost two-thirds of internet users in the world use the internet with the aim of finding information. According to the results of the Health Information Searching Behavior and Related Factors research on the Internet and Television, 95.37% of active internet users conduct health research on the internet. Health-related research accounts for 4.5 percent of daily searches made on the internet worldwide.

In this context, the report, which was prepared by the largest online service provider in its field, Doctor Calendar, based on more than 59 million sessions opened by 39 million 129 thousand 386 users in 2021, revealed which diseases were searched most on the internet and how these searches were shaped according to cities and geographical regions.

Most searches were made in dermatology.

In 2021, skin diseases were in the first place with 18.8% in the most searched diseases and disease symptoms.

allergy with 13.8%,

I eat with 13%

10.3% hemorrhoids,

9.3% pediatric orthopedics,

7.6% herniated disc,

7.2% risk pregnancy,

6.8% varicose veins,

6.7% female diseases,

6% inflammatory rheumatism.

The searches made in the dermatology branch were 32.2% in total with the categories of skin diseases and me; gynecology and obstetrics branch has a 13.9% share with the calls made about risky pregnancy and gynecological diseases.

Istanbul residents made the most health calls

The city with the highest number of users making health calls is Istanbul with 22.06%.

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Ankara with 15.10%,

İzmir took 8.49%.

Considering the provinces, the most searched diseases and symptoms in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir are skin diseases, pediatric orthopedic diseases and hair loss after hemorrhoids, moles, herniated discs, obsessive compulsive disorder, varicose veins, gynecological diseases and inflammatory rheumatism.

Black Sea people and Southeast people search for allergies, Mediterranean people search for me.

According to its geographical regions, Marmara ranks first with 31.9% in the search for health.

Central Anatolia with 28%,

Aegean with 13.2%,

Eastern Anatolia with 2.36%

Following the skin diseases in the Marmara Region, searches were made mostly for pediatric orthopedic diseases and allergies. Skin diseases were followed by moles and hemorrhoids in Central Anatolia, and moles and allergies in Aegean.

Looking at the most searched diseases and disease symptoms compared to geographical regions, skin diseases ranked first in each region. The most sought after issue in Marmara, Aegean, Central Anatolia and Eastern regions are skin diseases; Allergy occurred in the Black Sea and Southeastern Anatolia regions. In the Mediterranean, I, a skin disease type, was searched.