Watsons Beauty and Personal Care Award Ceremony is digital this year

Many brands and products every year; appreciated by customers, press members and bloggers and deserved to receive an award. Watsons Amenity and Personal Care Rewards, It is being held digitally for the first time this year. Watsons Pleasure and Personal Care Awards will find their owners with a digital ceremony this year! The 6th Watsons Pleasure and Personal Care Awards ceremony, in which the most suitable ones of the year are determined in the field of pleasantness and personal care, will be broadcast live on Watsons Turkey’s YouTube channel on Tuesday, September 15 at 20:00.

This year, the sixth Watsons Pleasure and Personal Care Awardsaward ceremony Tuesday, September 15 evening at 20:00Live on Watsons Turkey YouTube channel
Watsons Turkey, which has signed many elements in the field of cosmetics and personal care, will be held on Tuesday, September 15th. 6. Watsons Amenity and Self-Care Rewardsexplains the most beautiful works of kindness and personal care, which are loved by the award ceremony. Watsons Pleasure and Personal Care Awardsin many areas such as make-up, skin care, hair care and personal care. 25in different category 132The work competes to be the most beautiful of the year. 1.3 million votesThe winners determined by using the tool will find their owners at the awards night.
Candidate works are paid separately by customers, members of the press and bloggers, as in previous years. The works that received the most votes in their categories at the end of the voting, Watsons Pleasure and Personal Care AwardsIn the category in which it competed at the award ceremony, it deserves to be awarded the most appropriate work of the year.
Customers participating in the voting will be determined by drawing in the middle. 5 00 peopleon the other hand, has the chance to win the catering set, which will be prepared by Watsons and selected from the most beautiful of the year.
Watsons Pleasure and Personal Care Award Categories:

  1. Best Mascara
  2. The Most Beautiful Eyeshadow Palette
  3. The Best Foundation
  4. The Best Lip Product
  5. The Finest Makeup Collection Series
  6. The Smoothest Facial Care Product
  7. The Most Sufficient Anti-Aging Product
  8. The Most Suitable Face Mask
  9. The Most Beautiful Korean Delight Product
  10. The Most Beautiful Dermo Cosmetics Product
  11. The Smoothest Natural Ingredients Skin Care Product
  12. The Most Sufficient Body Care Product
  13. The Smoothest Shower Gel
  14. Best Shampoo
  15. The Best Herbal Hair Care Product
  16. The Best Dry Shampoo
  17. The Finest Hair Color
  18. The Best Hair Care Product
  19. The Best Men’s Shampoo
  20. The Best Male Grooming Product
  21. The Finest Deodorant
  22. The Best Oral Care Product
  23. Most Innovative Product
  24. The Best Watsons Exclusive Product
  25. The Smoothest Watsons Branded Product
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In addition, works that are nominated for these categories have special category nominations:
Special Category Rewards:

  1. Bloggers’ Choice
  2. Press Selection
  3. Watsons Card Members’ Choice

Best of the Best:

  1. Product of the Year
  2. Most Recognized eCommerce Product of the Year
  3. The Most Sufficient Social Responsibility Project of the Year
  4. Partner of the Year