Top hair trends of 2022

Hair is almost our most powerful accessory; The shortest way to feel welcome. When we look at the world catwalks, it is easy to observe that the return to naturalness has increased in the last period in hair trends that differ in each period.

While bulk models and braids are on the rise, retro sections are also entering our lives. It’s definitely the right time to try short pixie parts or the iconic bob! It is valuable that the natural models you will try are suitable for both your face shape and your hair structure; At this point, definitely listen to the advice of your hairdresser.

We have compiled hair trends for you that you can easily adapt to your daily style.

fluid curls

Voluminous and natural waves are leading the hairstyles that we will see most in 2022. This model, which seems to be left to itself, is a new interpretation of beach waves. What you need is volumizing works, a thick curling iron with which you can create natural curls, and lots of hairspray. You can use this model by separating your hair from the middle as well as by separating it from the side. If you have a layered section, parting it from the side will make your hair look much more voluminous.

bun at neck

A truly savior model, the bun on the neck is particularly suitable for environments where you need to look important, such as business meetings. You should pay attention to; while making this model, your hair does not electrify and looks completely smooth. For this, you can use anti-frizz hair serums or fixative sprays. Make a ponytail at the nape of your hair, twist it tightly around itself, twist it into a twist and fix it tightly after you make your bun.


African braid

To look both comfortable and cool, it is impossible to think of anything better than braids! We are very familiar with braided hairstyles from recent times, but the trend of braiding some of the hair or only the front of them is giving way to very tight and obviously African braids. The usage time of these braids, which you can get professional help, is also quite long.


long bangs

Even though you always have the idea of ​​​​cutting bangs in your mind, if you still can’t get a heart, this year is the time! Long bangs, which descend to the eyes like a curtain, meet with short blunt sections. You can use long fringes as a sharp line by straightening them, or leaving them more messy if you wish.

retro cuts

Then we call it a bit of nostalgic reflections and focus on retro hairstyles that do not go unnoticed on the catwalks! All you need is a little audacity to try out iconic hairstyles like the pixie and bob, or the short mass that ends on the ear bud. It can be addictive once you get used to the short models you prefer to both look stylish and be comfortable, we tell you.

high pigtail

When going to the gym or going out at night; ponytails, which are in harmony with every situation, are getting higher in 2022. The most valuable tip for tightly gathered ponytails is to fix the hair so that not a single strand remains. For this, spray hairspray on a toothbrush and control your baby hair in that form. This is the easiest way to fasten and glue short strands.

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