The effect of Hydrafacial skin care

For a bright, glowing, healthy and beautiful-looking skin, the skin and cells must be moisturized correctly. To moisturize the skin and make it look healthy, using products that are not suitable for the skin type with ear-filled information or the advice of friends sometimes do more harm than good. The hydrafacial skin care application, which has a three-step process, is applied to deeply clean and moisturize your skin. This professional application helps in the treatment of various skin problems such as acne, dryness and wrinkles. The difference between medical skin care and hydrafacial is the scope of application. Hydrafacial skin care includes more than one level, that is, it is a combined application. The hydrafacial skin care application, which has a multi-directional feature, can also reach under the skin, so it provides a one-to-one analysis for multiple skin problems.

Positive effects of Hydrafacial skin care

– Effective on fine lines and wrinkles

– Restores lost elasticity to the skin

– Provides deep hydration

– Effective on sunspots

– Used in the treatment of blackheads

– Effective on acne-prone and oily skin

– Revitalizes the skin

– Tightens the pore

– Regulates skin tone

– Stretches the skin with its lifting effect

How is Hydrafacial applied?

In the first place, the cleansing solution suitable for the skin type of the person to be treated is selected. The skin surface and pores are softened and the skin is cleaned by applying vacuum. In the second stage, the skin is nourished with the help of a solution specially selected for the skin type and problem. Thanks to its radiofrequency head, the applied solution is fed to the skin. Since the solution used during this process contains peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid that activates the collagen structure, it provides moisturizing, repair and regeneration of the skin. By creating a shock effect with the cooling cap, the solution is trapped in the skin. In the last stage, the skin tissue is stimulated by applying LED therapy. This process ensures that the pores are tightened and kept under protection for a long time.

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How often should Hydrafacial be done?

While once a month is sufficient for people who do regular skin care, an application program is made with an expert for skin that does not care for their skin for a long time, always wears make-up, and has blackheads, comedones and pore problems. Usually, it can be arranged as 1, 4-6 sessions per week. The number of re-sessions may vary according to the skin condition of the person in the expert evaluation.