teething period of babies

teething period of babies

When babies start teething, it is not the same for every baby. Often the month of teething is in the middle of the 5th and 10th months. Teething is a long process and the baby is completed by the age of 2, with 10 teeth in the lower jaw and 10 teeth in the upper jaw. Although we attribute the fever to the teeth during the teething process of babies, in fact, every object that they take into their mouth to scratch their gums is likely to carry germs, so infections that they get from here cause fever. For this reason, great care should be paid to the cleanliness of the objects that can be taken into the mouth during the teething period. The fever seen during teething can rise up to 38 °C.

teething period of babies

Baby teething symptoms

– Loss of appetite

– Diarrhea

– drooling

– Fire

– restlessness

– Always putting the hands or fingers in the mouth

– Gum pain

– Redness and swelling of the gums

teething period of babies

How many days does the fever last?

Such symptoms, which are related to teething, appear a few days before the baby starts teething and manifest themselves with swelling of the gums, drooling and restlessness within 3-5 days. Fever starts four days before the tooth erupts from the palate. Baby fever may peak on the day the tooth erupts. Fever continues for about three days and other symptoms also appear. Often the fever persists for eight days. In this stage, babies have an increase in salivation and an increase in teeth grinding.

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teething period of babies

How to soothe a teething baby?

Since your baby will always be in pain at this stage, you should do things to relax his gums. To relax the baby and relieve teething pain, giving the teething toy chilled, preparing fruits and vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, apples, celery stalks to gnaw again in a cold state, and massaging the baby’s gums for a while with clean hands in circular motions are useful options. If these systems do not work, if your baby’s discomfort is too much, it would be useful to consult the doctor and use pain-relieving syrups or gels applied to the aching area.

teething period of babies