Summer beauty trend: Lip coloring

Saying that the most well-known beauty trend of the summer is permanent lip coloring, Pleasant Coach Aylin Çetinkaya stated that there is no need to use lipstick after applications with natural colors.

Expressing that lip coloring is highly preferred this summer, Çetinkaya said that lip coloring is a permanent and natural solution for pale-looking lips. Also, stating that the lip borders become thinner and smaller over time, Çetinkaya said that the coloring process can be applied here as well.

It can last up to two years

Thanks to the permanent lip coloring process, the color inequalities on the lips are eliminated, and the lips are given a more lively appearance. After the applications made in natural colors, you can have vivid and bright lips by using only moisturizer without the need to use lipstick in daily life.

Ladies whose lips look pale, whose lip frame lines have disappeared due to pale or similar reasons can benefit from this application. This process, which is painless and painless, has a duration of up to two years. Individuals can repeat the process before this deadline, if they wish. Generally preferred by women between the ages of 30 and 45, the lip coloring process can be applied to all women over the age of 18 who have these complaints about their lips.

Since lip coloring is a permanent process, we take care to choose natural colors. Before the process, we determine the most suitable color and design for the individual, if the expectation of the person is far beyond the ends we have determined, we prefer not to process these people.


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