It is very difficult to make up in unbearable heat! Aside from the heavy feeling of make-up works, your make-up may start to flow the moment you step out of your home. Your make-up style, which flows and deteriorates in hot weather, can turn your elegance into a nightmare. This is exactly why we recommend investing in a make-up fixing spray this season. Fixing sprays, which have become a necessity for the summer period, not only extend the life of your makeup, but also refresh you and take care of your skin from where you sit throughout the day.

Fixing sprays that meet with tonics, which are an integral module of skin care routines, draw attention with their different benefits. These sprays, which have moisturizing or SPF properties, make your face look more energetic and radiant together with your makeup. You can use these sprays, which you can try especially on the hottest days of summer, to refresh yourself. Facial sprays, which are normally created with the aim of moisturizing, aim to gain a healthier appearance by strengthening the moisture barriers of your skin. In recent years, mist sprays combined with make-up fixing features now offer much more than just moisturizing. Make your summer beauty collection more minimalist with fixing sprays with different skin care benefits!

You can check out the 15 make-up fixer sprays we have chosen for you in the photo gallery…


Organic Set SPF 30 Fixing Spray, £34 SOLEIL TOUJOURS

A summer beauty dream comes true: facial care, sun protection and make-up fixer in one! Adorned with antioxidants, this spray moisturizes and soothes your skin, and at the same time fixes your make-up. This spray, which nourishes your skin with its red algae and Vitamin C contents, also protects your skin against harmful sun rays with its SPF 30 feature.



Makeup Fixing Spray, 69.90 TL THE BODY SHOP

This fixing spray, which prevents your make-up from flying away in hot weather, nourishes and refreshes your skin with its aloe vera content at the same time.


Fix Make-Up Spray, 248 TL CLARINS

Containing a fixing polymer obtained from fructose, this spray preserves the permanence of your make-up for a long time. This spray, which preserves the vitality and softness of your skin with rose and grapefruit extracts, moisturizes your face at the same time.


Primer Plus Moisturizing Spray, 215 TL BOBBI BROWN

This spray, which nourishes and moisturizes your skin at the same time as the final touch of your make-up, gives your face a healthy and radiant look.


Parure Gold Makeup Fixing Spray, 339.30 TL GUERLAIN

Designed to fix your make-up for a long time, this product also moisturizes your skin and protects it against environmental influences.


Veil Soft Focus Fixing Spray, £47 HOURGLASS

This spray, which is designed to fix your make-up as well as to cover the imperfections, moisturizes your skin at the same time. Veil Soft Focus spray, which provides a moist and radiant appearance, gives a healthy-looking skin.


Set Refresh Makeup Fixing Spray, 195 TL ESTEE LAUDER

Enriched with electrolytes and caffeine, this make-up fixing spray moisturizes your skin while giving it luminosity. While fixing your make-up in hot weather, you can try this work to relax at the same time.


Rose Gold Makeup Fixing Spray, 429 TL FARSALI

Offering a medium 4-in-1 formula for skin, this spray contains 24-carat gold leaf and rosehip seed oil. While moisturizing your skin with its formula, you should add this spray, which ensures the longevity of your make-up, to your make-up collection!



Sunforgettable Fixing Spray, €35.95 COLORESCIENCE

This nourishing spray helps your skin to form a barrier against environmental influences with its Vitamin E and antioxidant contents. While increasing the permanence of your make-up, this product, which moisturizes your skin and can be used after the sun, makes your face look more energetic.


Fix It Forget It Fixing Spray, 275 TL LANCOME

This make-up fixing spray, which has a lasting effect up to 24 hours, protects your skin against environmental influences while protecting the color of your make-up.


Fix Plus Magic Radiance Makeup Setting Spray, 179 TL MAC COSMETICS

Enriched with Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and oils, this fixing spray adds radiance while moisturizing your skin. This product, which moisturizes your skin directly without weighing it down, also prevents your make-up from deteriorating.


Magic Moisturizing Fixing Spray, $643 OMOROVICZA

Described as a liquid moisturizer, this spray instantly moisturizes and revitalizes your skin with its light and quick-absorbing formula. This spray, which creates a protective shield on your skin against environmental influences, contains extracts of avocado, rosehip, rose geranium, lavender and sweet orange peel. With this work, you can extend the permanence of your make-up while getting a more lively and moist skin!


Hyaluronic Strengthening Fixing Spray, 450 TL TOM FORD

This fixing spray, which does not create a feeling of tartness on the skin with its light formula, moisturizes your skin with its caffeine and vitamin E content, while creating a fresh and energetic feeling at the same time.


Botanical Floral Fixing Spray, 711 TL SISLEY

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This spray, which provides instant soothing and relaxation on the skin, refreshes and renews your skin. This work, which is ideal for fixing your make-up, can also be used to nourish your face.


Dewy Set Makeup Setting Spray, 279 TL ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS

This spray, which fixes your make-up in a perfect form, moisturizes your skin with coconut and vanilla extracts. Ideal for those with dry skin, this work creates a moist and glowing look.