If you complain that your skin is always dry no matter what you do, or if your skin has a very sensitive structure, ceramides may be the ingredient you are looking for. It may not be the newest ingredient in the skincare department, but a lack of ceramides in your skin can be the cause of many of your troubles! Below you can see everything you need to know about ceramides, which are naturally found in your skin but need support over time.


If you’ve ever been worried about not having enough ceramides in your skincare routine, this ingredient is already in your skin. As an example to collagen, natural ceramide levels in your skin can decrease over time, and as you can imagine, this is not quite enough!

Ceramides, which are composed of lipids and oils found heavily in the upper layer of your skin, make up 50% of your skin composition. Ceramides, which play a valuable role in protecting your skin from environmental factors such as pollution, form a strong barrier in the skin layer by supporting the bonding of skin cells. When ceramides, which make your face look more vigorous and moist, begin to decrease over time, it causes problems such as redness, inflammation and dryness on your skin. At the same time, ceramide deficiency, which causes your skin to be tight and acne formation, is in the middle of the ingredients that should be supported as you get older.


Ceramides not only strengthen your skin barriers, but also prevent your complaints such as fine lines and wrinkles. First of all, ceramides, which protect your skin, form a shield in the upper layer of your skin against sun rays and other environmental factors. Then, ceramides, which regulate the moisture content in the layer that keeps your skin moist, are one of the most powerful anti-aging formulas!


If you have more sensitive skin due to eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, dryness or sun rays, ceramides can be one of the most active ingredients to strengthen your skin. By adding ceramide-containing products to your daily care routine, you can reduce your skin problems.


Ceramides, which are naturally formed by the skin, begin to decrease with the aging process. When you reach your 30s, you lose about 40% of the ceramide ratios in your skin. These rates can go up to 60% in the 40s. Decreased ceramide levels cause your skin to become thinner and lose its elasticity. The decrease in ceramide ratios can also cause the formation of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and cheeks.

Although the loss of ceramide is a fairly common process, it is not ideal in terms of skin image. In addition to aging, cold weather, damaging sun rays or using exfoliators in a heavy form can also damage your skin’s pH levels and reduce ceramide rates. You can prevent your skin’s natural ceramide loss process by going out to the sun less or by using protective products from cold weather, but unfortunately, this decrease cannot be completely prevented in a natural way… Fortunately, skin care products that you can rely on strengthen your skin barriers and supplement to increase ceramide levels. These products, which moisturize and strengthen the sensitive and damaged areas of your skin, make your skin look younger with their ceramide content.


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Unlike ingredients such as AHA or BHA, which can sometimes have the opposite effect on sensitive skin, ceramides, like hyaluronic acid, are suitable for everyone! Ceramides are suitable for all skin types as they are found naturally in the skin. However, the important thing is to find a formula suitable for your skin type, just like all beauty products. If you have oily skin, you can turn to oil-free or light-textured ceramide serums instead of pore-clogging creamy formulas. If you have dry skin, on the contrary, you can prefer creamy and heavy ceramide-containing products.

If you want to supplement your skin with ceramide, you can review the ceramide-containing works we have chosen for you in the photo gallery.


Ice Ceramide Moisturizing Cream, £60 SUNDAY RILEY

This cream, which strengthens your skin’s moisture barriers, is designed for damaged and sensitive skin. This cream, which provides renewal of your skin with its ceramide content, also strengthens your skin’s natural moisture barriers with its F-Vitamin.

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Ceramide Rejuvenating Daily Repair Capsule Serum, 861 TL ELIZABETH ARDEN

Three times more powerful to repair, moisturize and reduce signs of aging, these capsules strengthen your skin’s barriers, giving you a younger look. This serum, which supports your skin’s natural ceramide levels for a firmer and more flexible appearance, is designed for your complaints such as fine lines, wrinkles and moisture loss.

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Triple Lipid Restore, €116.95 SKINCEUTICALS

This anti-aging cream prevents the loss of ceramides associated with age. This cream, which strengthens your skin barriers while moisturizing your skin, makes you look younger and softer.

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Ceramidin Moisturizing Cream, 385 TL DR. JART

Helping to repair and protect the skin, this cream allows your skin to form a barrier against cold and dry air.

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Clinical Ceramide Eye Cream, £43 PAULA’S CHOICE

Containing ceramide, vitamin C and retinol, this cream strengthens your skin’s moisture barriers and at the same time eliminates the problem of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

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Mega Illuminating Moisturizer, $289 GLAMGLOW

Containing jojoba oil, shea butter and ceramide, this moisturizer instantly gives your skin a healthy glow. At the same time, this product, which contains hyaluronic acid, adds vitality to your tired-looking skin.

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Gold Rescue Cream, $1,856 OMOROVICZA

Designed with the thermal waters of Hungary, this cream also draws attention with its ceramide content. This cream, which has a heavy formula for dry skin, moisturizes your skin while creating a barrier against environmental factors.

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Ceramide Care Mask, 24.90 TL SKINFOOD

This mask, which contains ceramide that increases the freshness of your skin, strengthens your skin barriers against environmental factors. This mask, which ensures the protection of moisture, adds a natural glow to your skin at the same time.

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Capture Total Firming and Wrinkle Smoothing Cream, €75 DIOR

This cream, which makes your skin look tighter and younger with its micro formula and bio-fermented ceramide content, prevents moisture loss of your skin by supplementing your moisture barriers at the same time.

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Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream, 133 TL MARIO BADESCU

This cream, which is easily absorbed and has an oil-free formula, contains rosehip oil, which creates an antioxidant effect. This cream, which reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin with the help of ceramide, moisturizes your eyes and gives you a younger appearance.

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