Rihanna’s makeup brand Fenty Beauty at Sephora

Music, fashion and beauty icon Rihanna’s cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty was presented to make-up lovers at Sephora stores in Turkey. We, as, share all the works with you with their features and prices.

The works of Rihanna’s cosmetics brand Fenty Beauty draw attention with their distinctive packaging designs, universal tones, luminous pigments and light texture.

The brand, which made an impression all over the world in a short time, met with cosmetics enthusiasts in Sephora stores for the first time in Turkey in September.

Rihanna’s collection, which is suitable for every skin and color type, includes 40 different shades of foundation, transparent powder, eyeshadow, illuminator, eyeliner, stick works that can be used for contours, make-up brushes, lip glosses, bases, oil-absorbing paper and make-up sponge.

With their packaging inspired by honeycomb and designed in magnetic hexagonal form, the works can be interlocked. Thanks to this feature, Fenty Beauty works also provide comfort for cosmetics lovers to carry and use.

Click on our photo gallery to see Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty works!

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