Prosthetic nails and permanent make-up that complement our lives

The Nail Back (Nail art) trend, which emerged at the Grammy Awards night in 2020, started a false nail design craze all over the world. Complementing the elegance of world-famous names such as Lizzo, Billie Eilish, Rosalia and Dua Lipa on the red carpet, prosthetic nails became a trend with the effect of the pandemic and found their place in daily life. Stating that prosthetic nail design has become one of the complements of daily life with its aesthetic and functional side, Hoşluk Koçu Irmak Mustu said, “Prosthetic nails, which are the pioneers of fashion in nails with their different designs, make life easier at the same time. Those who find it difficult to spare time for nail care due to the hustle and bustle of life get well-groomed hands with prosthetic nails. Prosthetic nails can be used for 2.5 months with maintenance done every 2-3 weeks after a process that takes about 1 hour. It has become an indispensable application for those whose nails are broken or whose nail structure is not aesthetic.said.

How did it affect applications in the pandemic?

Stating that applications such as prosthetic nails, permanent make-up and silk eyelashes are increasingly preferred during the pandemic process, Irmak Mustu said, “Permanent make-up applications, whose history is based on an ancient Egyptian tradition 5,000 years ago, offer spot-on solutions for those who want to look well-groomed at all times. It is frequently preferred by sportsmen and stage artists who have a council on physical activity in daily life, as well as those who cannot spare time for make-up. Thin lips and sparse eyebrows can be added volume with permanent make-up applications, which also allow the correction of congenital or acquired facial deformities. We can also eliminate the deformations that occur in the nipple as a result of cancer and breast aesthetic operations with permanent make-up. Permanent make-up applications were in the middle of the most demanded applications in the pandemic, as it eliminates the problem of make-up contamination, which is the most complained about because of the mask.he said.

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Adding new expressions to your beauty

Mentioning that the pandemic has caused the need to highlight the looks on the faces hidden behind the mask, Irmak Mustu said, “As the chin and lip area remained behind the mask, the faces also became expressionless. By supporting the permanent make-up process that we apply to the eye area with silk eyelashes, we bring a promise to the faces. Those who are active in business and social life found the self-confidence they sought in permanent make-up and silk eyelashes. In this way, they can continue their daily lives without the hassle of expressing themselves.”said.