The wave of celebrity beauty brands is not stopping anywhere in the world, or even slowing down! Names such as Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez were among the names that were recently added to the trend of the sweetness brand that started with Kylie Jenner. Now, Priyanka Chopra has joined this caravan. Chopra, who created a hair care brand called Anomaly, is preparing to put his works on sale on January 31st.

Chopra, who has created a collection of shampoos, conditioners, hair mask and dry shampoo, has now stated that his brand Anomaly is genderless, although he does not provide information about the ingredients and details. Anomaly states that all the works are produced in America, are pure and ethical, and argues that it is a sustainable and accessible brand. Anomaly, which will be budget-friendly with prices starting from $6, wants to bring sustainability to your hair care.

Chopra, who wants to bring sustainability to the fore, stated that the bottles of the works are produced from recycled materials. “It’s time for the fashion and beauty departments to be more responsible,” Chopra told Women’s Wear Daily. Pleasure shouldn’t cost us the world. The greater the branch of pleasantness, the greater should be our responsibility, ”she added.

Emphasizing how valuable hair care is for him, Chopra said, “I have a very valuable connection with my hair. I remember going to buy shampoo when I was 15-16 and all the flawless stuff was so precious. I have always been aware of what I use and consume. I’ve seen this in hair care too. In hair care, we do not see many brands that are environmentally friendly, strong in terms of care, and accessible to everyone.”


Stating that Anomaly is natural and suitable for every day’s pleasantness routines, Chopra said, “These products are suitable not only for well-groomed silky hair, but also for all hair, everyone’s hair. Anomaly for all genders, all races, all colors and all breeds. That’s the idea behind Anomaly,” he said.