Modern skin care products are based on ancient traditions! Yes… Today, we encounter many new content and trends. But nothing can replace tradition that has proven itself against time. Pleasant rituals dating back hundreds of years, not from our mothers and grandmothers, are the favorite skin care routines of recent years. One of them is natural stone massage tools. Designed with many different natural stones such as rose quartz, amethyst, obsidian and jade, these skin care accessories care not only for your skin but also for your soul!

These massage tools, which you can apply together with facial massage and skin care oils, accelerate blood circulation while supporting lymphatic drainage. While each stone has a different benefit, the structure of massage tools offers a one-to-one effect. Emphasizing spiritual smoothness, relaxation and positive thoughts, natural stones create a balancing and smoothing effect when combined with skin care.

With regular use, the rollers that tighten the skin and create a natural contour effect remove puffiness, dark circles and fine lines around the eyes. You can use these massage tools, which are suitable for all skin types, in the morning or evening. These ancient massage tools, which are also effective in acne problems, beautify the texture of your skin. Just like face yoga, these natural stone massage tools that relax your facial muscles, reduce tension and create an anti-aging effect are spiritually connected to the heart chakra. Natural stones, which remove negative ideas and bring love and happiness, improve your inner and outer beauty with a single touch!

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In the photo gallery, you can examine the natural stone skin care products and their benefits that balance both your skin care and your spiritual health.


Lapis Lazuli Skin Massager, 298 TL PELCARE

This massage tool, which allows your skin to be structured both from the inside and outside, activates the lymphatic facial massage and relieves the swelling on your face. The massage tool, which allows you to have a thinner and more vigorous facial structure, was designed with the wisdom and reality feature of lapis lazuli. This massage tool, which has multi-directional harmonizing properties with the many minerals it contains, calms your skin and ensures that it is stable.


Crystal Quartz Face Roller, 363.80 TL SKIN GYM

This massage tool, which makes a difference to your day and night care rituals, increases the glow of your skin and accelerates blood circulation at the same time.


Quartz Gua Sha, €21 HARRODS X NOMEL

This Gua Sha massage tool, which combines the classical pleasantness rituals of jade in an innovative design, increases the collagen production and skin elasticity as well as accelerating the blood circulation in your skin.


Opalite Roller, €41.99 PSYCHIC SISTERS

These rollers, designed with opalite stone, increase collagen production and skin elasticity when applied to real acupuncture points. These roles, which create a lymphatic drainage effect while accelerating blood circulation, also remove fine lines and wrinkles.


Amethyst Face Roller, $48 HERBIVORE

This amethyst stone massage tool, which supports inner and outer beauty, relieves tension while soothing your skin. This massage tool, which activates the lymphatic system, is powered by the beautifying effect of amethyst stone.



Gua Sha Yelim Massage Stone, 125 TL MANANA ATELIER

This classic massage tool that supports skin detox brings the luck and satisfaction of jade to your skin. Protecting your mind from terrible powers and ideas, jade increases the feeling of peace and faith, as well as supports radiance and smoothness when applied to the skin.


Obsidian Roller, £230 SUSANNE KAUFMANN

This massage tool, which draws attention with both physical and spiritual benefits, relieves swelling by reducing the tension in your facial muscles. This natural stone, which allows your skin to absorb Vitamins C and D-Vitamins faster when applied with massage, simultaneously accelerates the blood circulation in your skin.


Jade Precision Beauty Restorer, $320 HAYO

Inspired by the traditional Chinese tradition of Gua Sha, this massager reduces the tension on your skin and removes the appearance of wrinkles. This work, designed with jade, stands out with its relaxing power at the same time.


Turquoise Massage Stone, 146.20 TL THE IDEA IS PERFECT

After jade and rose quartz, try a roller version of turquoise! Add this roller to your skin care collection, which creates an anti-aging effect with facial massage while accelerating blood circulation!


Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Massage Stone, 135 TL ROOT AROMATHERAPY

This massage tool, which you can apply to the chin and face area, was designed with rose quartz in accordance with the Gua Sha rituals. This stone, which accelerates lymphatic and blood circulation, allows oxygen to penetrate deeply into the skin layers.


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Gold Roller, 2,775 TL ENVIRON

Gold, one of the most expensive natural stones, is carried into skin care rituals. These roles, which are designed to completely regulate the image of your face, increase the elasticity of your skin and at the same time eliminate skin tone inequalities. With these rollers, you can bring a luxurious touch of gold to your skin.


Black Obsidian Face Roller, £25.60 HONEY BELLE

Designed with black obsidian, this massage tool supports spiritual development. This massage tool, which gives you a healthy and glowing skin at once, increases the elasticity of your skin and reduces the appearance of pores.


Butterfly Gua Sha, $30 JENNY PATINKIN

Designed with rose quartz, this Gua Sha massager will add color to your skin care rituals with its cute form.


Vibrating Rose Quartz Roller, £154 ANGELA CAGLIA

Combining natural stone with technological delight, this work increases the power of natural stone with sonic vibration technology. Relaxing facial muscles, reducing redness and eliminating fine lines, this massager brings together classic rituals and contemporary beauty trends.


Aventurine Gua Sha, 230 TL THE SIM CO.

Designed with aventurine, the stone of beauty and happiness, this Gua Sha massager accelerates blood circulation and removes fine lines and wrinkles. This massage tool, which enables the shaping of the jaw line and facial contour, increases the clarity and radiance around the eyes.