No more greasy hair nightmare!

Do you wash your hair because it looks oily and notice that it gets more oily as you wash it? For the oily hair problem that requires you to wash your hair every day and puts you in a nightmare cycle, we will now share the care offers that will save you from that cycle.

What causes our hair to become oily?

First of all, let’s take a look at the main causes of oily hair, which causes a voluminous and unkempt image in our hair.

Fatty food consumption

Hamburgers, chips and potatoes that tempt us with their flavors are indispensable for most of us, but if you don’t want to have to hide your hair, it would be useful to make some sacrifices. Consumption of oily food is one of the leading causes of oily hair, be careful!

washing with hot water

Washing hair with very hot water is another valuable factor that causes oiliness. In addition, it is not recommended by experts to wash the hair with very hot water, as it dissolves the beneficial layers on the hair.

frequent hair straightening

Using high-temperature hair devices will also cause your hair to become greasy immediately. If you are straightening your hair every day, it is also useful to reduce this measure to a minimum. Let your hair stay a little natural, rest assured you are that pretty.

Let’s come to the analysis that will save you from this nightmare..

Black tea

Black tea that you can apply to your hair base will be enough for your hair. Here’s the definition: Add 1 teaspoon of black tea to 1 cup of water. Let it boil for 10 minutes, then strain and cool the tea. Your mixture is now ready to apply to your bases of hair!

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Do not leave your hair waiting for a long time with a towel!

Are you one of those people who are lazy to dry their hair after taking a bath and doze off in front of the phone? If your answer is yes, you leave this habit behind and go to dry your hair.

take vitamins

It is possible to obtain a healthy appearance in your hair by taking vitamins B and E, which have the effect of regulating extra oil production. Foods with B vitamins: milk and dairy products, tomatoes, mushrooms, legumes are among the foods that are strong in terms of B vitamins. Works with vitamin E: Hazelnut, almond, walnut, spinach, cabbage, parsley..

Separate your hair differently

Always separating the hair on one side causes the hair in that direction to become oily more quickly. It will be beneficial for you to change the hair parting in the middle. If you usually part your hair from the side, you can try parting it in the middle some days.

dry shampoo

Instead of washing your hair frequently, you can let it rest and apply dry shampoo when you go out to eliminate the oily appearance in your hair. But be warned, this procedure will not clean your hair from dirt, it will only help it look cleaner.