New series from Kerastase that protects hair and scalp

Kérastase identified the 6 effects of aging on the hair and scalp and presented the new Chronologiste series, which revitalizes the hair from the scalp. Kérastase’s New Chronologiste series contains rejuvenating components such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and abyssine in the hair. dryness, tenderness, dullness, dullness, brittlenessand slimmingIt fights with the 6 influences determined as 6 and presents a new series of 6 artifacts.

Kérastase’s new chronologisteThe series contains hyaluronic acid, Vitamin Eand abyssine It provides regeneration in the hair and scalp with its rejuvenating components, such as rejuvenating components, and also fights against negative effects. of the series tea rose, peony, magnoliaIts formula, developed with fresh floral notes, makes the whole experience more appealing.
Regenerative care of hair and scalp with the new Chronologiste

There are 6 works in total in the new Chronologiste series. The duties of these works are as follows:


1) Pre-treatment before shampooing with a purifying and rejuvenating effect:Pre-Cleanse Regérant
2) Shampoo with cleansing and regenerating effects:Bain Régérant
3) Treatment effect hair mask:Masque Intense Regenerant
4) Activating hair serum:Serum Universel
5) Heat shielding cream:Thermique Régérant
6) Hair perfume to complete the ritual:Huile De Parfum
Comments on the new Chronologiste

  • 31 people talking about their personal experiences Serum UniverselHe says that they feel the moisture increase in the scalp within 24 hours after the application.
  • As a result of the “Instrumental Test” performed after shampoo, mask and Serum Universel application, an increase of 7.2% was observed in the diameter of the hair, while again, as a result of the same test and application, it was determined that the moisture in the hair increased by 81% within 48 hours.
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  • Serum Universel Its strong content continues to provide high humidity even 2 days after the application. Its special ingredients provide a wonderful finish on the hair, the hair strands gain shine by reflecting the light.
  • According to the ‘Instrumental Test’ result made after Thermique Regenerant application, it is observed that it increases the moisture of the hair and protects it from electrification for up to 96 hours.