My hair trend this fall (2019)

Orhan Bademli, the hair designer of art and society life, talked about the hair trends of the autumn season. Stating that women should adopt the country style that combines comfort and simplicity in the most elegant way, Bademli stated that warm and heavy colors will be used this autumn, and short and straight sections will be preferred. According to Bademli, real folded sections are preferred to the ends in blunt sections in autumn, while the complementary of the female form will be bangs.

My hair trend this fall (2019)

Famous hair designer, founder of MOS Hairdressers, owner of O&V Hair Style&Academy Hair Salon, stating that while nature changes color in autumn, women want to reflect the colors and feelings of the seasons on their clothes and hair. Orhan Bademliappreciated the women’s hair trends in the fall.

My hair trend this fall (2019)Orhan Bademli, stating that assertive and flashy models will be preferred this fall, said, “Women want to reflect their creativity and different personalities in their hair and draw attention with flashy models.

First of all, when choosing a hairstyle, it is the most sincere advice I can give you to insist on the most suitable models for your own interpretation, in the order that you will join more than the models you see in the other.

Short hair and bangs will be the preferred models.

almond, “Every season has different colors and styles. The important thing is to know which season you are a person of. If we look at the general mood this fall, bangs will be on trend. Short and straight cuts will be preferred for hair. It is also possible for us to see sections with truth folds at the ends in the blunt sections,” he said.

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Ladies in business life will prefer the ponytail for a clean and clear view.

Orhan Bademli, As for the autumn hair preferences of the women in business life, “While women working for a fresh power prefer bulky, clean and smooth models such as ponytails; We will also encounter small or large braids, softly gathered or open and clear hair.”

My hair trend this fall (2019)