Our skin care routines have become much more effortless and simple in recent years. If we use less works, we expect the works we use to be more effective with more content. If you are excited by the announcements of the celebrity brands of sweetness in recent years, you will be very happy with this news! Because Scarlett Johansson’s new brand of niceness called The Outset may be carrying products that will simplify your niceness rituals.

Having met with beauty and fashion professional Kate Foster Lengyel, Johansson gravitated towards simplicity in her skincare collection. Wanting customers to “find freedom in the uncomplicated”, Johansson offered five main works in the first collection. The Outset, which produces skin cleansers, serums, moisturizers, night creams and eye creams, will launch a lip lotion in the coming weeks.

The Outset products, which do not only offer an effortless care routine, but are also produced in a cruelty-free manner, offer daily skin care sets suitable for all skin types by moving away from complicated beauty routines. Powerful, accessible and gender-neutral, The Outset is formulated with ingredients such as fruit extracts, vegan collagen, squalene and bakuchiol. The ‘Hyaluroset Complex’ content in all works is explained as the carrier element of the brand. Said to act as a botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid, this miraculous ingredient contains the seeds of cassia angustifolia, a plant native to India. This ingredient, which offers permanent moisturizing, also gives a fuller and softer skin texture.

Speaking to Women’s Wear Daily about her new brand, Johansson said, “I love color, fragrance and skincare. This will sound a little esoteric, but I really did meditate a lot on it and spend a lot of time thinking about it. I decided to go back to the idea of ​​skin care because I had problem skin for too long and felt insecure about it. It was the foundation of the rest of my skincare pleasantness routine. And if I didn’t feel appropriate about my skin, no hair, make-up or glamor could take away that feeling,” she said.


The Outset, which was put on sale in the past days, will also be on sale at Sephora starting next month.