“Stay at Home” social media content has taken over our Instagram page. While everyone stays at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, celebrities continue this trend on their own pages. Kim Kardashian has been added to the list of celebrities who share their pleasant routines with the world! Sharing her make-up routines at home from the beauty brand KKW Beauty account, Kardashian shared the image she took in the bathroom of her residence with her fans.

We also see North in the image of Kardashian, who starts the video by saying that her children are not leaving her alone and that is why she is hiding from them. Starting her makeup with Olive Beige 3 shade of Joe Blasco’s Ultrabase foundation, Kardashian uses MAC Cosmetics’ Kabuki 180 brush. Using shade 7 of KKW Beauty’s liquid foundation for Concealer, Kardashian sets her makeup with KKW Beauty’s ‘Baking’ powder. Using the baking method under her eyes, Kardashian then brushes and fills in her eyebrows with MAC Cosmetics’ Spooley brush. Continuing with the contour trend she pioneered, Kardashian uses KKW Beauty’s cream contour and highlight set. Applying contours to her cheekbones, chin, forehead and nose, Kardashian distributes her make-up works with a sponge after using the light tones of the palette.

At this point in the video, Kardashian, who has cleaned the rest of the powder from under her eyes, curls her lashes with the Surratt Relevee Lash Curler, which she says is her favorite eyelash curler. Kardashian, who is now in a position to be considered an expert in contours, does not forget to go over her contour with her palette. Applying a light-toned illuminator for a subtle glow, Kardashian uses her contour palette to highlight her eyes. Kardashian, who switched to the KKW Beauty Classic Shimmer blush palette, states that a blush in rose tones makes her look more “young and awake”.


Announcing that a new KKW Beauty product will be released, Kardashian uses her new mascara, which is about to be released. Sharing an anecdote about her father while applying mascara, Kardashian says that her father said to her, “I’m sure you can never wear mascara with your mouth closed,” and adds, “My father was right, but I can do it with my mouth closed with this little mascara.”

Lastly, using Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin mist, Kardashian applies KKW Beauty’s Nude 1.5 lip pencil and 90’s Icon Matte lipstick after fixing her face makeup. Thanking her followers for watching her quarantine makeup, Kardashian admits that she only did it to go to the kitchen and be insisted on by her kids to help with their homework. Expressing that she is pleasant because she is not in her pajamas all day, Kardashian reminds us that differences are beneficial for our mental health during our quarantine process!