Supermodel and fashion entrepreneur Kate Moss reports that she has founded a beauty and wellness brand called “Cosmoss”.

Defined as “self-care for the contemporary travels of life, drawing on the wonderful experience of Kate Moss”, the brand’s works will be produced from natural considerations.

The works of Cosmoss, which is reported to sell detox tea, face oil and mist, will be released on September 1.

According to a newsletter sent out to customers signing up for brand updates, the works will range from skin care (crafted using strong, natural elements) to fragrance and objects intended for use in what Cosmoss describes as “rituals that open the door to balance.”

When it comes to works of wellness and wellness, there’s no doubt that Moss has met many veterans in her decades of modeling. This will likely help inspire the works that Cosmoss has to offer. The details of the beauty and health products that the brand will create with Moss are kept a secret.

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