Is pure beauty possible?

Quickly, every day, we come across extraordinary photos on photo-sharing media such as Instagram. Fresh skin like a baby, a tense face, sparkling eyes and drawn eyebrows… How well do these photographs reflect reality? We know very well the surprise you experience when you encounter a person you follow on social media and whose shape you like very much in daily life, when you see that their skin is actually not that great and that it doesn’t look as thin as it looks in the photos. So, can you share your photos on Instagram without filters?

Let’s face it, even though there are no advanced retouchings on social media, we at least play with the colors of our photos a little bit or just share what looks nice to us. We can hide photos taken by our friends and tagged us from our account. Because the new period imposes this on us: You can’t be careless, you can’t speed up! Because you represent the modern lady; You should always smile and look neat! On the other hand, we have to admit that while we are not happy with these impositions, we ourselves do not want to see people acting otherwise on our Instagram feed. We like less photos that don’t look very good. At some point we shoot the bullet not only at them, but also in our own feet. But that’s what we are. Some days we are tired, some days we can be sleepless, and some days we can be depressed. It may not be possible to shine all the time. When we say overlapping launch times, periods when our baby’s sleep system is confused, we may not look like us at all; no matter how lively, young and dynamic our soul is… But there is a way to break it! For the last couple of years, brands like Dove have been chasing #numbersnote and #cheatness with the mindset of inside-out niceness. So much so that booths were opened with photographs for which no application was made, and panels on natural beauty began to be made. That’s why we’re here to introduce you to the facts! 🙂

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70 percent of women exposed to images of niceness re-edited by digital means think they are not adequately represented in the media and advertisements. For this reason, Dove and Vogue Turkey joined hands and signed the #cheatbeauty project.


Is pure beauty possible?
“Helpless Beauty” exhibition

The main goal of the project is to alienate women who see the concept of pleasantness within the framework of social pressures and idealized definitions. As a result, Vogue, inspired by Dove’s point of view, published the April issue without models and without retouching. At the same time, a booth was held on April 11 with the concept of #hilesizbeauty.

Is pure beauty possible? Let’s open a little parenthesis here. You remember the friction with the magazine that published Kate Winslet’s photographs years ago by weakening them with the photoshop system. Winslet, who was weakened because she looked overweight and whose leg length was extended, made the following statements for the photo: “I don’t look like that. More importantly, I don’t want to look like that!”

Winslet, stating that she always puts her health in front of her appearance, strictly prohibited the retouching of her photographs with this incident in 2003. So we don’t see Kate Winslet retouched in any magazine anymore.

GAn invitation to #hilesizgüzellik was made to all women who believe in the uniqueness of advertising, marketing, fashion world and their own beauty with the photographs of many women who see the ideal beyond the stereotypes, without using any photo manipulation tool.

In the midst of those who responded to the invitation Brigette Lundy-Paine, Şevval Sam, Derya Capsize, Aybuke Pusat, from your heart, Merve Ozkaynak, Selen SeyvenThere are names like

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Is pure beauty possible?Increasing the dust of the scenes with his acting and inspiring many actors with his unique style. Actress and Trainer Derya AlaboraLet’s listen to their statement on the subject:

“When I was a kid and a young girl, I thought that niceness was something that was shown to me. In the movies, magazines, newspapers, cosmetics stores… I thought that niceness was always what it was shown. It’s a trait that only other people have… After all the laziness, insecurity, and hiding myself. “I’ve come to such a place that I become the person I want to be that day. Now I know that everyone is as nice as their heart and as much as they feel.”

Not only with his words, but also with his music, he opens the doors of nature to us, writes fearless music. from your heart And in the midst of those who think that niceness was something that was shown to him in his childhood and young girlhood. In cinemas, magazines, beauty-care stores and the glittering world of cosmetics… But not in himself. After seeing herself as a loser, feeling insecure and hiding herself for a long time in the past period, Kalben has now taken valuable steps to become the person she wanted to be that day. Because he learned that everyone is as nice as their heart, as nice as they feel.


Is pure beauty possible?

Photo: Heart, Şevval Sam

Actress and musician Şevval SamWithin the scope of the project, he made the following statements: I think the natural is as unique as a fingerprint. I like characteristic flaws that make a person their own. A prominent ear or an arched nose may seem aesthetic to me. Presumably, my priority may be to be well-groomed and healthy rather than pleasant. A mind that seeks to be healthy and mature, nature, natural eating and doing what he loves makes the energy emitted by a person beautiful. ”.


So how does pure pleasantness become possible?By truly starting to love ourselves, accepting our flaws, and not forgetting that these flaws are the most valuable things that make us who we are.

Is pure beauty possible? Barbra Streisand, one of the icons of Hollywood and the music world, is one of the most sufficient examples for this subject. Despite being pressured by manufacturers to have her nose done over the years, she avoided aesthetics. If it weren’t for that bony nose of Streisand, if he had succumbed to the pressures, he would have remained a former actor whose name we don’t even remember and a beautiful voice commentator. But with this flaw, he had his name written in Hollywood letters in gold!

So what are we gonna do? We will take steps for our body health without getting hung up on numbers. Paying attention to our daily water consumption, using natural and sufficient artifacts, eating appropriately, exercising systematically are not just steps taken towards pleasantness; key to a long and healthy life. For this reason, we should take care of ourselves and not disrupt our daily routines in order to live longer, healthier, fitter and more peaceful with our loved ones, not for the society. Because all these steps will be rewarded with a healthier, longer and more enjoyable life on planet Earth.

Is pure beauty possible? Now it’s time for the booth about pure pleasantness. You can reach the booth photos and the launch scenes on April 11 in our photo gallery. You will see that no photoshop application can provide a photo crowned with real light, bright and smiling face…

I wish you healthy days!