How to Prevent Postpartum Hair Loss?

How to prevent hair loss after childbirth Setbacks, such as hair loss, which is one of the most valued details of women, bring along many negativities for women in terms of spirituality, a topic that is very curious by mothers who have just given birth and are faced with the problem of hair loss. This too postpartum hair careIt also reveals the necessity of going through the process related to it very carefully.

Is Postpartum Hair Loss Normal?

Is postpartum hair loss normal? The answer to the question is definitely yes. In addition to the heavy hormonal changes experienced by women during pregnancy, when the body stability, which changes completely after giving birth, is added, hormone renewal will bring along the problem of hair loss. While this process takes place in the form of very important hair loss in some women, it can occur in some women so little that it is not obvious. postpartum hair loss It is also called hair regeneration, and after it manifests itself in the first two months after birth, it usually ends in the sixth month after birth. One of the reasons for hair loss after birth can also be evaluated as estrogen hormone elevation.

How to Prevent Postpartum Hair Loss?

Things to Do to Prevent Hair Loss After Birth

Post-natalAlthough it is unfortunately not possible to completely prevent hair loss, some steps to be taken in this direction are very effective in dealing with problems;

  • Postpartum hair section is a therapy that many mothers value to return to normal life after pregnancy and to provide harmony. Choosing shorter and layered models for the hair section will reduce hair loss and make the hair look smoother.
  • Consumption of flaxseed, fish, avocado and fish oil, as well as foods containing zinc and biotin what is good for hair lossAnother answer to the question.