How to Lose Weight Postpartum?

Getting rid of birth weight It is possible as a result of doing regular and balanced nutrition and sports together. Particularly, regular sleep has a great role in this regard. Excess weight, which is a constant problem for women, becomes unhealthy, especially after pregnancy. For this reason, it is seen that women start to lose weight from birth. Postpartum weight loss techniques, sports, regular nutrition and sleep are of great importance.

Postpartum Weight Loss

Women often how did you lose weight after giving birth and tries to learn postpartum weight loss tactics. However, according to experts, losing birth weight starts from the pregnancy period. It is important to pay attention to a healthy diet during pregnancy and to stay within the limits of healthy weight gain. Besides weight loss after cesarean section is known to be more difficult.

How to Lose Weight Postpartum?

What is Effective in Losing Birth Weight?

The biggest factors in losing birth weight are sleep and food. Their effects and other factors can be listed as follows:

  • Sleep: While the relationship between food and sleep is known, this relationship becomes tighter due to hormones during the breastfeeding process. The mother who sleeps less eats more and gains weight.
  • Regular sexual intercourse: Although the effect of sexual intercourse on weight loss is known, this effect increases after birth.
  • Sports: It has been observed that mothers who do sports lose weight faster and have a tighter body.
  • Breastfeeding: It has been observed that breastfeeding mothers lose weight more easily. However, it is necessary for the mother to pay attention to the sweet crisis caused by hormonal imbalance.