How to lighten skin color? Skin lightening mask recipe…

One of the issues that women have been paying great attention to lately is skin lightening! Do you complain about your dark skin, do you want to have a lighter, marble-like skin? It is possible to lighten your skin color in completely natural ways without having to undergo a random aesthetic operation. The element that gives the skin its color is the color pigments and this is purely a genetic condition. If your skin color is not naturally very dark or dark wheat tones, it is possible to lighten the skin with the help of natural materials. We have prepared 5 organic mask definitions for you…

Skin Whitening with Rice: One of the most classic answers to the question of how to lighten the skin color is rice. The stain removing and bleaching effects of rice on the skin have been known for a long time. Face whitening with rice water has been a classic practice by Far Eastern women for many years, and it gives extremely successful results. Mix about 2 tablespoons of rice flour with water to get a creamy consistency and apply it all over your face, except under the eyes, and even on your neck and décolleté. Wait 30 minutes and treat your skin with warm water.
You can apply it once or twice a week.

Skin Whitening with Lemon: You can benefit from the bleaching and lightening properties of lemon, which has numerous benefits for body health and pleasure, for your skin as well as for your hair. You will be surprised at the change in your skin when you wash your face when you wake up in the morning after you put half a lemon on your skin and stay like this all night. However, you should take care that the room where you sleep during the night is completely dark and without light; because the acid in lemon juice can leave a stain on the skin when combined with light.

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Skin Whitening with Tomato: Tomatoes not only have a beautifying effect on skin acne, but also have a whitening effect on skin color. You can grate the tomato, which bleaches the skin with its acidic feature, and make a mask on your face. When tomatoes come into contact with the skin, itching and burning sensitivities may occur. You can wash the mask by keeping it on your face for 15 minutes. You can also add a small amount of flour into the grated tomato.

Skin Whitening with Cucumber: Cucumber, which is a juicy and fragrant vegetable, is used in many cosmetic products such as creams, moisturizers and masks, thanks to its anti-aging and skin whitening properties as well as the flavor it adds to the tables. Cucumber extract, which moisturizes and softens the skin, is also very effective in lightening the skin. When you wash 1 cucumber that you peel and grate, leave it on your skin for half an hour and apply this process for at least 4 days for 1 week, the result you get will make you smile.

Skin Color Lightening with Linden: Boil and warm a measure of linden and after straining it, squeeze a few drops of lemon and apply it to your skin with the help of cotton. Repeat this practice every evening. You will see the benefit on skin color.