How to find skin undertone?

Looking for a way to use your favorite color? Using the true tone of your favorite color by finding your skin undertone! Don’t know your skin undertone? So learn quickly! Here is the most practical way to find the skin undertone!

First of all, we need to explain: Skin undertone has nothing to do with skin color. This means that a brunette woman can have a cool undertone, and a woman with white skin can have a warm undertone.

If you are very fond of jewelry in your daily life, it is possible to find out whether you have a warm or cold undertone by looking at the jewelry you attribute to yourself. People with warm undertones prefer gold, copper and oxide jewelry, and gold tones make their skin look more appropriate. At one-on-one time, these jewelry show themselves very neatly. Silver, white gold and black jewelry suit individuals with cold undertones. While gold-colored jewelry disappears on their skin, silver-colored jewelry shows itself much more beautifully on their skin. If you have a neutral skin tone, both golds and silvers are enough for you.

You can also estimate your skin undertone by looking at the jewelry that you prefer most in your jewelry drawer and that you like the most. However, this test may not always be real because tastes and colors are indisputable. Therefore, let’s apply the classical vessel test again.

Vein test for skin undertone

  • In daylight, look at your wrists.
  • If your veins are green, you have a warm undertone. They also call it yellow undertone.
  • If your veins are blue, you have a cool undertone. They also call it a pink undertone.
  • If you have both green and blue veins, it means you have a neutral undertone, which makes you pretty lucky. Because you can easily use many more colors.
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I learned my skin undertone, how will I evaluate it?

  • Colored make-up products such as clothes, accessories or lipstickYou should choose colors that are suitable for your skin undertone.


  • Hair and skin make-up The purpose is to neutralize the skin. In this sense, you need to go against your skin undertone. This means that someone with a warm undertone should aim for cool undertones and someone with a cool undertone should aim for warm undertones to provide stability.

What color can people with warm skin undertones wear? 

Since the pigments under the skin of individuals with warm undertones are yellow, this means that warm colors will suit them. Yellows, oranges, pomegranate flowers are created for them!

What color can those with cold skin tone wear?

The pigments under the skin of individuals with a cold undertone are pink. This means that colors such as navy blue, ice blue and pink will suit them.

How can we find true red compared to skin undertone?

  • Those with warm undertones, on the other hand, look good in tones up to orange with a yellow reflection. For example, if you have a warm undertone, a red lipstick with blue reflection will disturb your surroundings as a color that is not related to you.
  • If it is a person with a cold undertone, it will be more true that the red turns towards burgundy red tones that have a blue reflection in them.
  • Those with neutral skin tones can choose the red they want. Both pomegranate flowers and burgundy will suit them. Here, they can make the choice purely by looking at which red makes them feel better.

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