How to do unsophisticated make-up?

How to do unsophisticated make-up?

How to do unsophisticated make-up?

For those who do not like to put on too much make-up in daily life or when attending a special night, we have prepared the stages of making a make-up that is both effortless and attractive for the readers of! This make-up, which you can easily use not only when going to a special night, but also in daily life, is the kind that fits every concept! You can take a look at our news to make you say ‘I’m here’ with little touches, without compromising your natural beauty!


The main purpose of uncomplicated, flamboyant make-up is a make-up that consists of a simple skin to suit every environment and eye or lip make-up that changes according to preference, unlike silvery and shiny make-ups, together with the fact that it can provide harmony with every outfit. Whether you want to use dark colors on your eyes or lips, you can enjoy an easy-to-make make-up that looks both effortless and flashy!


The most valuable thing to consider when doing your skin make-up is not to overdo the blush and contour process. If your skin does not have spots such as acne scars, you can choose a thin foundation and finish your facial lines by keeping the contour process light. However, for those with blemished skin, you can finish your skin make-up by covering it with a concealer before foundation and finishing your skin make-up with a medium-coverage foundation, emphasizing a slight facial imperfection with a recontour. If you want to warm your face and give it a little color, you can dip your brush and apply it directly to your face, before applying it directly to your face, after sweeping the excess, you can apply a light unknown to your face.

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You can define your eyes with eyeliner, which is one of the eye makeup that suits almost every lady. The most valuable point you need to pay attention to when making an effortless and flashy make-up is the decision of whether you want to give intensity to the eyes or lips. If you want a make-up that you want to add intensity to your eyes, you can finish the process with mascara that makes your eyelashes look full by drawing a thick tailed eyeliner.


If you have used the intensity on your eyes in make-up, you should definitely turn to nude tones in lip color on your lips. Thus, the first place that attracts attention at night will be the eyes. But if you want to give the density to the lips with a thin eyeliner, you can definitely choose dark tones such as red and burgundy.