How to do makeup for a first date? Don’t give up on nature!

On the way to the first date, we get dressed and painted with care, from her clothes to her purse to her make-up. However, one of the issues that many women often have problems with is the choice of make-up, in order not to be disappointed and to say “I did my best, this is my result” on the first date. Take care to keep it as minimal as possible on first date make-up. If you don’t want your make-up to look thick like a cake at your speed, we have listed the tips for making natural make-up!

Skin makeup!

The weather may be hot or cold, regardless of the season, it is very important that your skin makeup does not flow and deteriorate during the first date make-up. For this, clean your skin before make-up and apply a base, then apply a light blush by applying a foundation that gives light coverage in a thin structure.

Eye make-up

To add depth and attractiveness to your eyes, you can make shading or draw eyeliner on the basis of not being dark in color. Finally, you can put the last point on your eye makeup by applying mascara.

Choose Natural Tones on the Lips!

Choose lipsticks that give light color in natural tones as much as possible on your lips, otherwise, dark lipstick may smudge while eating or drinking, risking your make-up.

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