The hair section makes the hair look more lively and voluminous by giving various shapes to the hair. There is a wide variety of haircut styles and one of the most trendy haircut models recently is the “wolf cut” hair part. Wolf means wolf in English, and this haircut style got this name because it resembles a wolf.

Wolf cut, which became known after the image shared on one of the social networking sites, is a model that was recognized in the 70s and 80s. Especially in the last few years, as Korean culture has become more well-known, the interest in this hair section is increasing day by day. Wolf coat hair section has more than one type and we can list these types as follows…

✦ Soft wolf cut
✦ Wolf cut with long bangs
✦ Wolf cut for short hair
✦ Wolf cut for curly hair

How to Make a Wolf Cut Hair Part?
Wolf cut hair part adds a rebellious air to the users and is different from other hair parts. Normally, the hair section is mostly done on wet hair, while the hair should be dry when applying the wolf cut. Check out the steps to follow to make a wolf cut hair section, which consists of several stages.

First, the hair is washed and dried. Then, unlike the known cut styles, the hair is blow-dried.

Before applying the cut to the blow-dried hair, the hair is divided into 2 strands. One of the tufts is tied from the top to the forehead, so that the two ears coincide. The remaining hair is tied at the point where the parting is from the peak.

The front part of the hair remains tied and the ends are cut bluntly.

The back part of the hair is also cut while the hair is tied, and the front part is cut bluntly.

The hair is released and finally my forelock is cut.

In the soft wolf cut hair part, the waves in the hair are less certain and the hair is not tied too high during the cut.

Users who want to use haircut style with long bangs are generally users with small face type.

Short hair wolf cut hair part is the most voluminous hair style and the cutting process is done in line with the demands of the users.

The wolf cut hair section for curly hair is attractive and gives curly hair a predatory look. In addition, curly hair gains even more volume with this part.

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The wolf cut hair section, which looks extremely voluminous and attractive, is in the middle of easily styled hair. Regularly caring for the hair makes the hair part stand out. It is necessary to moisten the hair a little while combing and after combing, it is necessary to shape the hair with products such as gel or hair foam. In this case, the model of the hair is exactly determined. While the wolf cut hair section shows itself mostly on dark hair, there are also nice examples of this section on light hair. The model, which looks nicer especially on long hair, is a haircut style that also increases its popularity on short hair.

The bangs or bangs, which are indispensable for the Wolf cut hair part, are decided according to the face form of the users. On the other hand, this cut style, which offers a voluminous appearance, is usually not recommended for fine hair. In addition, the wolf cut hair part, which is given its final form by using medium scissors, causes thin hair to lose strength.

Wolf cut, which is a retro cut style, offers a messy look. Wolf cut is one of the hair cutting techniques that male users can also use, and this cut is also very suitable for male users. Men with long hair can make their appearance more attractive with this hair part.










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