While examining the Fall-Winter 2021/22 fashion shows, we encountered completely different styles. Hair with straight bangs appeared in Versace and Chanel fashion shows, while superior curly and wavy hair showed length in Isabel Marant and Jacquemus fashion shows. A short pixie episode? Farrah Fawcett inspired waves? Or is it a sharp bob style with a reference to the 90s? It would not be a lie if we say that in winter 2022 a sound comes out of every string.

We also saw face-framing braids and superior high buns at fashion shows that offered new styles not only with radical hairpieces but also with eccentric hairstyles. Stylish, bold and impressive, these hairstyles reflect a ‘statement’ mode even when your clothes are plain. You can turn to bold hair sections for dramatic changes, or if you want to make big differences with small touches, you can turn to the unique hair styling trends of the new era. You can see this article as the sign of change you are looking for and make a hairdresser appointment as soon as possible!

You can see the 10 hair trends of the Autumn-Winter 2021/22 period in the photo gallery…



It’s time to reveal your mother’s curlers, because the huge waves of the 70s are making an impressive return. The 70’s breeze we see in spring and summer continues in winter as well. The 70s-inspired waves, which you can add even more volume with hair sprays, will add dimension to your hair. Farrah Fawcett is definitely the inspiration for this hairstyle that makes you become one of Charlie’s Angels!

Isabel Marant Fall-Winter 2021/22 Fashion Show



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Braids aren’t the only hairstyles framing our faces in winter 2022! As we have seen from the Z generation on TikTok, everyone lights up the front of their hair. This hairstyle, which softens your expression and makes your face look thinner, is in the middle of all the cool girls. You can try face-framing highlights that refer to Hailey Bieber’s style, even on dark hair. These illuminating hairs create a transition on ashy blonde hair, and a Dua Lipa-inspired image on dark hair.

Coperni Autumn-Winter 2021/22 Fashion Show



If you’re still not ready to try the intense and classic bangs style, there is also a style option for those who will try bangs for the first time in Winter 2022. Referring to the early 2000s, this hairstyle highlights the return of nostalgic shapes. Especially if you have a square and round face form, side bangs have the potential to make your face look thinner and longer. Side-parted bangs, which we encounter in many fashion shows, offer a mysterious yet attractive style.

Alberta Ferretti Fall-Winter 2021/22 Fashion Show



Braids are one of the most recognizable hairstyles of recent times. We’ve seen all kinds of braids in the past, but now there’s a pretty clear knitting trend: face-framing braids. There are also many different ways to style these braids. You can try these braids, which frame your speed, as a crown, with thick braids or thin 90s inspired braids. Time to look for knitting inspiration from Pinterest!

Etro Autumn-Winter 2021/22 Fashion Show



If you’re reluctant to try a punk rock inspired mullet hairdo with a super layer, short front and long back, head towards the soft mullet style of Winter 2022. You can apply a multi-layered cut in this style that is not short in the front, like a Mullet. While different layers add volume and dimension to your hair, fine hair can also look heavier. We catch the mullet trend with these hairstyles, which we can categorize as romantic rock.

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Stella McCartney Fall-Winter 2021/22 Fashion Show



At the beginning of autumn, we enter a period with curtain bangs, but in winter, these 70s-inspired bangs will return to their original form. We can’t think of a better season to try classic, heavy and sharp bangs on winter days when we will be away from the hot weather. In winter, you can get away from problems such as sweat and adopt hair styles with bangs, which is one of the trends of the period.

Versace Fall-Winter 2021/22 Fashion Show



On the contrary, the pixie hair section is very suitable for the winter season! Short hair, which we see more in autumn and winter than in summer, shortens the hairstyle time you spend in the morning. You can leave your home as you wake up in the new era pixie section that looks more messy and effortless. Unlike previous periods, the Winter 2022 pixie episode, where we see more messy and layered parts, winks at Mia Farrow’s hair.

Max Mara Fall-Winter 2021/22 Fashion Show



We’re going from romantic low buns to rebellious and messy high buns. Compared to the Autumn-Winter 2021/22 fashion shows, these effortless and messy buns will be in the middle of the indispensables of the period. These buns, which look like a knot, can also be tried on half-open half-bun hair. You won’t need to stick your “baby hairs” with hair styling artifacts, the more messy hair the better in these high buns!

Sportmax Autumn-Winter 2021/22 Fashion Show



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Since straight hair is in trend, if you have straightened your naturally curly hair with hair stylers, the period of wear of your hair is coming to an end. We’re sure you’ve seen the ‘Curly Girl Method’ on both Instagram and TikTok lately. Embracing and recognizing curly hair, this trend launches the freedom of natural hair. With hairstyles that are much more fluffy nowadays, you can use your rebellious and maverick curls with a show. Kicking off the perm era and referring to Meg Ryan’s hair, this gorgeous curly effect is in the midst of our all-time favorite hairstyles.

Jacquemus Fall-Winter 2021/22 Fashion Show



Extremely smooth and sharp haircuts were not one of the styles we saw very often in 2021. While everyone tends to messy and natural hair with the laziness of the pandemic and quarantine period, the situation changes a little in 2022. After the wavy bob cuts, we see the bright and sharp bob cut that we saw a few years ago in Winter 2022. You can act like a super famous French model by pairing her straight bob hair cut at the chin with a baseball cap and huge sunglasses!

Chanel Fall-Winter 2021/22 Fashion Show