Exercises to Lose Weight from the Face

Losing weight from the face with exercise is possible and exercises for the face, which is one of the most difficult areas to lose weight, can give very effective results. In addition to the difficulty of losing weight from the face, in some cases, it is possible to have full cheeks and facial area due to hereditary conditions from the family. So I want to lose weight

If you say , you can try exercises that will work your facial muscles.

Face Weight Loss with Lip Pulling Movement

This exercise, which is done by pulling the lips inward, is the most effective. facial slimming exercises This exercise makes the cheekbones come to the fore over time and thus helps to gain a younger appearance. For this exercise;

  • You need to push your lower jaw outward and highlight your lips.
  • A tension should be created in the chin area and you should wait for 15 seconds in this way.
  • You should repeat this movement 10 times a day regularly.

Face Weight Loss with Fish Face Movement

The fish face movement, which is a great source of entertainment to do at a young age, is very effective for melting excess fat on the cheeks. By doing this move, you need to wait 5 seconds and repeat. 110 repetitions per day to get rid of excess fat in the cheek area would be possible. When you wait for 5 seconds after doing the movement, you will feel the burning in your chin and cheek area. If you do not feel this burning, it means that you are not doing the movement correctly and you are not pulling your cheeks in enough.

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Face Weight Loss with Blindfold Movement

Eye closure, which is a very easy exercise to practice, ultimately ensures that what is desired is achieved. The exercise, which is applied by squeezing the cheeks and closing the eyes tightly, works the facial muscles. Hold for 10 seconds, squeeze your cheeks and close your eyes, and repeat after a short pause. Doing 10 repetitions daily will allow you to achieve the result you want.