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In this article, we have discussed for you the skin care services developed by Este Lorien, from Eskişehir skin care services, to the complete skin care (6 in 1 plus) processes, which can extend up to 13 stages and with 6 powerful effects. However, we have compiled the professional skin care levels in general and the benefits of these processes.

As it is known, thanks to professional skin care, the face shines. The process, which is done in the hands of experts and with carefully selected works, activates the blood circulation. Thanks to this care, the pores and layers of the skin are cleaned. With a good moisturizing process, the skin shines.

Factors such as air pollution, tension brought by daily life, make-up, unsystematic nutrition, and fatigue affect skin health negatively. These conditions cause acne, pimples, wrinkles, dull and lifeless appearance.

The skin, which renews itself approximately once a month, gets rid of negative situations with professional care. Thus, it has a much more lively appearance. You should not deprive yourself of this aspect either. After a few sessions you will see how your skin has changed.

Which Processes Are Performed in Professional Skin Care?

Professional skin care provides much more effective and deep cleansing compared to residential applications. In addition, after the skin analysis performed by the expert, works specific to skin types and personal are used. In this way, it is possible to get beautiful and effective results after care.

In general, professional skin care is performed by a specialist in certain steps, respectively.

You can also get information about 6 in 1 plus complete skin care services from the Este Lorien website, which offers skin care services in Eskişehir.

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To summarize some of the processes carried out within the scope of skin care

Skin Analysis

First of all, your skin type is determined by skin analysis. In addition, the moisture content of the skin, the condition of the pores, spots, wrinkles and capillaries, if any, are determined. In this way, the requirements of the skin are solidified. In line with the requirements, which applications will be carried out in the skin care process and which products will be used in what form are determined in a real way.

Skin Cleansing

With skin purity, dirt such as dust and make-up residues layered on your skin are thoroughly cleaned. During the skin cleansing process, artifacts suitable for the skin type are used again. After the completion of this process, the skin is quickly rejuvenated.

Peeling Process

The peeling process, which literally means peeling, is applied to purify the skin from dead skins and residues. This results in a much more vibrant skin appearance.

Steam Process

It is done to open the pores of the skin, which is renewed with peeling. The rate and duration of the steam given are determined according to the sensitivity of the skin. Thus, acne and blackheads are easily cleaned from the pores opened on the skin softened by steam.

Deep Cleansing/Purification

This process is applied according to the results obtained as a result of the skin analysis. In deep cleaning, black spots, acne, dirt and oils are carefully removed from the open pores. However, it is a process that can be done with professional skin care. After the cleansing done by the expert with the real artifacts, the skin feels refreshed quickly.

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In this step, tonic and moisturizing processes are carried out first. A mask suitable for the skin type is applied to the skin. This gives the skin some rest. After the mask is cleaned from the face, the massage process is next. At the end, moisturizer is applied and the revitalization process is completed. Thus, skin care is completed with this last process.

Este LorienThe processes mentioned above are also included in the 6 in 1 plus full skin care package designed by.

There are valuable issues to consider before and during professional skin care. The allergy history of the person to be cared for, skin sensitivity should definitely be known. Hygiene during care and the use of correct artifacts according to the skin type are valuable. The implementation of the works should also be done by experts.

Benefits of 6 in 1 Plus Full Skin Care Package

6 in 1 plus skincare benefits begin to be felt during the process. The benefits of skin care recommended by experts every month are as follows:

  • Skin tightening and tightening
  • Removal of any residue
  • delaying wrinkles
  • Visible reduction of blemishes
  • Equalization of skin tone
  • Proper shrinking of pores
  • The most precious thing is the feeling of satisfaction created by the healthy appearance when looking in the mirror.

You should not wait any longer for professional skin care by a good specialist. You should benefit from this unique experience as soon as possible and the effects of aging should be postponed.


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