Effective treatments for aesthetic problems around the eyes

Deformations around and under the eyes cause aesthetic problems, as well as making the person look older than they are, causing a tired face every hour of the day. Although cosmetic interventions, cures, and creams around the eyes cover the setbacks for a short period of time, they cannot be effective in permanently removing the aesthetic losses that occur. That’s why we, Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. We received information from Hakan Yüzer about the causes and treatment methods of common problems around the eyes.

Under-eye bruisesor bags under the eyes It is one of the most valuable aesthetic issues around the eyes, which makes the person appear much older than they are, and gives an image of being tired and sleepless all the time. Apart from periodic problems such as nutrition and sleep problems, these problems are mostly related to genetic predisposition. However, any situation where the blood flow of the body is disturbed and the lymphatic system, where toxins are removed, does not work properly can also cause color changes around the eyes. Genetics is also the most valuable factor in eye bags, but allergies, insomnia, tension, water loss, aging, smoking and alcohol use, and edema due to nutrition can also cause eye bags.

Personal, especially genetic factors and not beautifying by increasing the quality of daily life. eye area aesthetic In the treatment of their problems, they may want to turn to permanent treatments. Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. According to the information provided by Hakan Yüzer, deformations under and around the eye can be removed without making any incisions around the eye and without using stitches. Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Hakan Yüzer explains the situation in the following form:

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“For example, Agnes treatment, which is applied through micro needles, is a treatment technique that can be applied quickly to all patients who are afraid of surgery. It is applied to eliminate bruising or condensation, bagging, ring formations around the eyes.”


What is bruise under the eyes, what are the causes?

Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Hakan Yüzer explains the under-eye bruises for us as follows:

“Under eye bruises are actually used as a common name for different eye sights. It is the appearance of the eye area darker than the usual cheek skin color, especially going from light brown to black. We call it “pigmentation around the eyes”. Apart from that, the middle of the red and purple color. There is also a different cluster, which is characterized by the appearance of veins under the skin.

Genetic factors come at the beginning of the cause of dark circles under the eyes. Every situation where the blood flow of the body is disturbed and the lymphatic system, where toxins are removed, does not work properly, causes color changes around the eyes. Even at the beginning of the deterioration of these systems, it can show itself as a bruise around the eyes.

Smoking, tension, magnetism, heavy metals, insomnia, ultraviolet, alcohol, nutritional problems are the cause of bruises around the eyes.

Why do under-eye bags occur?

When we asked, “Well, why do under-eye bags occur?” Op. Dr. Hakan Yüzer details the issue as follows:

“Bags under the eyes occur due to different reasons such as genetic structure, allergies, insomnia, tension, water loss, aging, smoking and alcohol use, and edema formations due to nutrition. Slight swelling under the eyes, dark circles, sagging or loose The skin structure is in the middle of the signs of bag formation.

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Under-eye bags seen in different degrees are examined in 3 different types.

Type 1:Certain unknown degree of fat accumulation under the eyes
Type 2:Noticeable and crescent-shaped fat deposits
Type 3:Formation of very obvious bags in half moons that make the eyes look obviously tired.

Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Hakan Yüzer also tells us about the Agnes RF treatment, which can be used against under-eye bags and dark circles without a medical incision:

What is Agnes RF under-eye bag treatment?

“Agnes under-eye bag treatment is a method that allows the treatment of bags and bruises under the eyes due to different effects by using radiofrequency power.

The most prominent element in this treatment, which is used for the removal of under-eye bags without surgery, pain and incision, is that the application must be performed by a specialist physician. Because the area around the eyes has a very sensitive structure, it is obligatory to carry out the applications to be made in this area with the utmost care.

How is Agnes RF under-eye bag treatment done?

“In the Agnes under-eye bag treatment procedure, the area around the eyes is anesthetized by using a cream with anesthetic effect, and the bag formations around the eyes are removed with small needles in the head of the radiofrequency device. The application also includes very appropriate rules in terms of patient comfort. Random skin warming, burning and pain during the process. It is not a matter of words. The treatment, which is applied in a controlled form, is done in as little as 40 minutes.”

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Considerations after Agnes RF under-eye bag treatment

“It is normal for slight redness to occur in a very short time and after the session, in which the patient’s comfort is provided at the highest level. It is normal for the patient to avoid sauna and steam bath for about 1 week, and should moderate the use of face masks and cosmetic products with chemical content. It is possible to occur after treatment. It should be expected that the redness will resolve without manual intervention.The effects of the agnes application, which allows the treatment of under-eye bags without surgery, show itself after a short time.The effect period lasts in the middle of 3 to 5 years depending on the skin structure of the individual. It gets rid of the problem of bagging six.”