Effective skin care products for stressful periods

The tension that comes with being in quarantine has negative effects on the skin. In order not to encounter new skin problems, it is possible to overcome these issues with special skin care recommendations for stressful periods. Here are skin care recommendations from Shiseido…

The days we long for pure and open air during the period we stay at home and the tension we experience have negative effects on the skin. In order to minimize all these effects, we need to fulfill your skin care rituals completely. Expert in skin care technology for more than 100 years, Shiseido’s superior skin care products provide your skin with the care it needs.

Stress reduces the barrier functions of the skin, increases sebum and inflammation factor.

In the research conducted by JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) and Shiseido in 2018, tension and fear were observed to be higher than usual during the experiment conducted on 23 people who were quarantined for 15 days. This obviously had effects on the skin, including decreased barrier function, increased sebum production and the inflammation factor. As a result, the skin had difficulty in retaining moisture and skin dryness increased. The skin became more sensitive, causing increased sebum oxide, the skin became extra sensitive. In addition, as the facial muscles became increasingly tense, facial expressions, particularly the smile, became asymmetrical.

Skin care is a pleasant way to spend time for those who do not know what to do when they stay at home. The skin care ritual can be a little more difficult for those who try to keep their work and family life in the middle. Here are the skin care products we have chosen from Shiseido so that you can give your skin the care it needs…

Effective skin care products for stressful periods 1. Strictly clean your skin in the morning

Artwork recommendation: In the morning, you can start the day by cleansing the sebum that the skin produces at night with a cleansing foam such as Shiseido’s Clarifying Cleansing Foam. Formulated for all skin types and featuring ‘InternalPowerResist’ technology, this cleanser helps remove impurities while softening and strengthening the skin. | Price: 320 TL

2. If your skin is dry, use skin moisturizing cleansing water.

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Artwork recommendation: Shiseido Waso Beauty Smart Water, full of restorative nutrients, is known for its ability to naturally keep the skin pleasant. If your skin is drier, you can try a cleansing water such as WASO 3-in-1 (3-in-1) Beauty Smart Water, which cleans, moisturizes and prepares it for make-up in just one step. | Price: 250 TL

Effective skin care products for stressful periods 3. If you have very dry skin, use cleansing oils.

If you want to maintain the radiance of your skin, turn to cleansing oils. In this way, you can easily clean even your make-up works that have problems or are resistant to water.

Product recommendation: Perfect Cleansing Oil, a soft and light oil containing Shiseido’s direct and effective fast make-up removal technology, removes even strong make-up from water. You can use this oil first to remove make-up, and then follow up with a cleansing foam to prevent dirt build-up on the skin. | Price: 250 TL

4. Exfoliate regularly!

Do not neglect the peeling care to get rid of dead cells in your skin and increase cellular regeneration, which may slow down due to tension.

Product recommendation: Shiseido WASO Soft + Cushy Polisher gently renews the skin by removing impurities with an environmentally friendly formula. | Price: 230 TL

5. Don’t forget to moisturize to keep your skin glowing.

Effective skin care products for stressful periods
In this period, to strengthen the skin’s defense system and make it more resistant to tension; it is necessary to encourage the ability of the skin to defend itself against the problems that it may encounter in the future, while preserving its current self-condition. This is possible with moisturizers prepared from natural extracts. You have a choice of many different products to relax and calm the skin.

Product recommendation: shiseidoUltimune Power Infusing Concentrate serumstrengthens the skin’s defense system and helps it to be resistant to tension. ImuGeneraion Technology Contains powerful and natural extracts for Your skin looks smooth, supple and radiant with inner strength. | Price: 850 TL

Effective skin care products for stressful periods 6. Give your skin a hyaluronic acid supplement against aging.

Artwork proposal:
To compensate for moisture loss due to changes in the skin’s protective layer, Shiseido’s hyaluronic acid You can use the powerful moisturizing cream Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream. The scent used in this cream, which stimulates the senses for skin care to affect your skin, is prepared with the original aromacology technology that aims to strengthen the relationship between the mind and the skin. | Price: 420 TL

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7. Make a sleep mask before going to bed at night.

With the skin care routines you will perform in the evening, you will allow your skin to be renewed until the morning. If you want to have a lively, moist, adequately rested and glowing skin for the next day, you can benefit from sleep masks.

Product recommendation: Shiseido When you apply WASO Beauty Sleeping Mask to your skin before going to sleep at night, it penetrates your skin until the morning while you sleep. In addition, this mask provides more adequate sleep thanks to its aromacological benefits. | Price: 350 TL

8. In stressful periods, turn to more effective eye care creams.

In stressful periods, more attention needs to be paid to eye area care. In this period, do not forget to use a more effective line care cream for the eye area so that tension-induced wrinkles do not multiply.

Product recommendation: Benefiance Wrinkle Smoothing Eye Cream is a versatile anti-wrinkle eye cream. This product, which is mostly only recommended for mature skin to remove stress-induced wrinkles, becomes necessary for everyone over the age of 25 in stressful situations. Price: 620 TL

9. Make an eye mask to look better in video conferences.

Effective skin care products for stressful periods

Due to social isolation, we started to hold most of the meetings with video conferencing system. You can use eye masks that instantly smooth the eye area to look better in these interviews, where eye contact is always made. Thanks to these masks, you will have a more rested look at the same time, and you will look appropriate even with a light make-up.

Product recommendation: Benefiance Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask targets 3 different wrinkles and instantly smoothes wrinkles. It aims to minimize the tired and dull look created by the heavy life around the eyes. | Price: 510 TL

10. For a healthier but natural skin look, turn to cushion type foundations with a breathable feature.

Cushion foundations are in the nature of BB cream, so you can apply as much as you want. They have medium coverage and a natural finish. After you find the most true color for your skin, you can apply it only to the areas that need it, not to the whole of your skin.

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Effective skin care products for stressful periods Product recommendation: Shiseido Synchro Skin Bronzer Cushion Compact is a translucent bronzer. It gives the skin a beautiful tan and a healthy look.

Using synchronized technology, it provides instant harmony and oil control to your skin. In this way, oily skin can also be used. It has a blurring effect on pores and fine lines. It keeps your skin moist for up to 4 hours. | Price: 320 TL

11. Use illuminators for a bright and breathing skin appearance

Effective skin care products for stressful periods

Illuminating products take on the natural color of the skin and make you look lively and healthy. For this reason, you can turn to lightly structured illuminating works before video conferences. You can apply illuminating products before/after foundation or alone.

Product recommendation:Shiseido Synchro Skin Illuminator
Shiseido Synchro Skin Illuminator, which has a permanence of 8 hours, wraps the face evenly and easily with its unique light texture thanks to its 75% water-based gel formula. You can use it freely at any time of the day, as you wish. You can also apply it to your collarbones for a radiant look. It can also be used on the lips and eyes. | Price: 249 TL

Effective skin care products for stressful periods 12. Use moisturizing gel-cream under eye concealers to keep the moisture under your eyes and look more natural.

Make sure that the concealer products you use on skin prone to losing moisture due to tension are moisturizing. Therefore, even if you need to use a work that lasts all day, turn to light-weighted products that are suitable for your skin structure. Definitely check if it has moisturizing properties.

Product recommendation:Shiseido Synchro Skin Correcting GelStick Concealer

The stick concealer with a natural finish in a 24-hour gel-cream structure resists heat, humidity, lubrication and movement for a fresh and natural look that lasts all day. Thus, it disperses and does not break down on the skin. Does not settle into fine lines and wrinkles. | Price: 250 TL