Easy and Stylish Hairstyles 2019

Hairstyles 2019 Messy and shabby forms are prepared with warm colors. In the new period, brown tones and especially Turkish Coffee color are among the most fashionable hair colors. Instead of pale colors, whites and grays, hairstyles colored in feminine and sympathetic tones are used. Trend hairstyles that you can do practically are in the following form;

  • Ponytail

The ponytail model, which offers the most feminine form of women and gives a brave look, is the most favorite of the period. hairstyles is located in the middle. However, this year, the tails are tied not at the top, but at the slightly back and quite fluffy. The ponytails gathered by crepe accompany the street fashion in a slightly wavy and messy look.

  • Messy bun

Emphasizing the spontaneous life style and being in the middle of the favorite models every year messy bun models is offered as more fun with accessory add-ons. Messy buns colored with hair bands, scarves, bows and cute hairpins are used with wavy hair. The cool bun model is in the middle of the trends of the period.

  • Flowing Wave Blow Dry

Wavy hair that gives very light curls, known as thick brush blow-dry, 2019 hairstyles one of the most hit styles. Medium-split wavy hairstyles, which are frequently used in medium length and long hair, are used without embossing. The new era hairstyles with shimmers in brown and bronze tones and warm colors add extra delight to women.

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