Don’t be out of your expression while having plastic surgery on your face.

The most valuable issue in medical aesthetics applied to the face is to keep the word intact. For this reason, it is very valuable to make the application in conscious hands while following the aesthetic trends. Stating that it is not a dream to reach the most beautiful state of ourselves with timely applications and small touches, Dermatology Specialist Dr. Ayşegül Saltat said, “We all know that especially the city life that we harmonize with and the perception of being a city woman has significantly changed our perspective on pleasantness. We all care very much about being the best of ourselves under all circumstances. At this point, we come across new trends in medical aesthetics.”

Regardless of the bases, it is very valuable for us to feel competent when we look in the mirror. We all want the reflection we see to literally express the feelings we are feeling at that moment. If we are faced with a tired and unhappy statement at a time when we are feeling very energetic or pleasant, then we are trapped in an inner conflict and the question comes to our mind, “What should I do to look my best?”

“What should I do to look my best?” Stating that the answer to the question is to focus on our emotional needs, Dr. Ayşegül Saltat said, “The new trend in medical aesthetic applications is to determine emotional needs. Accepted all over the world. codes of beautyHis approach focuses on bringing the person to the most suitable state of himself by putting emotional expectations at the center.”


Emotional architecture of the face is created with the codes of beauty

Dr. Ayşegül Saltat stated that the face is divided into 7 points with the Codes of Pleasure and that the architecture of the face is created with the applications made to parts, “This approach, which is applied specifically to the person and considering the emotional needs of the person; It improves the use of medical aesthetics by covering the entire face, including the chin, jawline, forehead, eyebrows and lips.”

The lower face and chin border changes the general expression of the face

Underlining that women’s first priority in their medical aesthetic decision is to look the way they feel, Saltat said, “When we get down to the spiritual basis of the elements we are not happy with, the results become more pleasing. Especially lower face and jawline The new trends in the region are very connected with the whole face and the word. Therefore medical aestheticThe face should be looked at as a whole in its decision,” he said.

Pointing out that a clearer and sharper contour can be achieved by beautifying the angle of the anterior jaw, the corner of the posterior jaw and the border connecting the two, Saltat said that the appearance of the jowl can be reduced, age-related sagging on the chin border can be eliminated, and the lower part of the face becomes thinner and sharper with the help of interventions in this area. He stated that he could achieve a youthful appearance.