Does the missing tooth disrupt the jaw structure, bone addition can be made!

Teeth, one of the most valuable elements of oral health, are a valuable factor for chewing and nutritional functions in our lifetime. Sometimes due to anxiety and sometimes for financial reasons, people can live with missing teeth in their mouths. Stating that missing teeth will complicate our lives with aesthetics, loss of function and various psychological effects, Dentist Pertev Kökdemir gave some information about how to follow the treatment of missing teeth by stating that “One of the biggest problems in oral and dental health in our country is the lack of teeth”.

Although many people try to live their lives with missing teeth, the truth is; Missing teeth can bring many negativities and diseases.

Do missing teeth cause health problems?

Missing teeth in our mouth can cause many health problems. These start with intraoral problems and continue until systemic disorders. If there is a missing tooth in your mouth, our maximum time to complete this deficiency is 6 months.

The bone can be bent

The problem of the displacement of the adjacent teeth in the missing area and, if implantation is planned, the melting of the bone to be implanted may be encountered. In such a usual situation, it will be necessary to make a bone bend in that area with advanced surgical techniques. However, if an implant is made in that area 1.5-2 months after tooth loss, we can simply regain our teeth without competing with a random bone bend or a different problem.

Chewing disorders bring digestive system troubles

If missing teeth are not treated, chewing disorders, gaps in the middle of the teeth as a result of the slipping or tipping of the neighboring teeth, and as a result, gum diseases and caries, aesthetic problems and digestive problems, indigestion may occur.

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It is possible to complete missing teeth!

Tooth deficiencies can be completed in different ways according to the number of missing teeth. If there is only one missing tooth, it can be completed with 1 implant or a bridge consisting of 3 teeth, and it is possible to complete all missing teeth with fixed porcelain teeth by making 6 implants for a single jaw for individuals who have no teeth in their mouths. Thanks to the developing technology and the use of smart hydrophilic implants, fixed porcelain teeth can be made in 1 week for our patients who have no teeth in their mouths.

In this way, patients who have lost their teeth due to gingival recession and inflammatory bone resorption can regain fixed and healthy teeth without ever having a toothless tooth. Thanks to special zircotine implants, we are able to fix the deficiencies of our patients by placing very solid but thinner implants in thin bones without resorting to advanced surgical techniques for individuals who are late in treating their tooth deficiencies and have osteoporosis.