Day and night skin care routine

While day skin care is about protecting the skin from external factors, night skin care is about renewing and repairing the skin. And you know it’s important that we make it a routine, that air pollution or the make-up tools we use during the day can cause both dryness, acne and skin problems on our skin. It’s precious to do this routine in real form. When the products are not applied in the real order, the effect of the works decreases.

Day and Night Skin Care Routine Stages

Stage 1: Cleanser (Day and Night)

It may be thought that the need to wake up with clean skin is to clean the skin before going to bed, but it is very valuable to clean the face with warm water and a cleanser suitable for the skin in the morning. In the night routine, the first step is to remove the makeup. Many makeup brands are waterproof, so basic cleansers may not remove them completely. Make-up should be removed with cleansers produced for make-up purity. After make-up removal, a daily cleanser suitable for the skin type should be used to remove the remaining residues on the skin.

Step 2: Tonic (Day and Night)

The toner has many beneficial effects for the skin, including balancing the skin’s pH level. Toners prepare the skin to increase the absorption of serums and moisturizers. Tonic should be used after facial cleansing in the night and day skin care routine.

Stage 3: Eye Contour Cream (Day and Night)

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest and most sensitive skin on our face and is the first area to show signs of premature aging. The systematic use of eye cream can prevent some fine lines around the eyes or loss of collagen. Since the skin around the eyes is thin and the muscles around the eyes are used during the day, eye cream should definitely be used in the night routine.

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Step 4: Humidifier (Day and Night)

Using a moisturizer with SPF in your daytime routine is the most valuable step in your skincare routine. A day cream with a high sun protection factor rating protects the skin from harmful UV rays and dust and pollution that accelerate skin aging. Before going to bed, it is very valuable to moisturize the skin deeply. Night creams are creams with these heavy moisturizing effects. If you want to increase the effect while using the night cream, it is recommended to apply it to the skin with real light circular movements from the center to the outside.