Stella McCartney created a ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ campaign for October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as she does every year. Alongside the campaign, which was shot by Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Lynsey Addario, a cinematic was produced by activist and documentary film director Alice Aedy. In these unexpected times, the campaign, which includes women from different backgrounds and ages, aims to create hope for beauty. McCartney, who designed works to provide comfort and support for breast cancer patients with the campaign, presented the Louise Listening post-operative bra and the Adidas by Stella McCartney sports bra, as well as the special series Whitney Popping underwear set.

Stella McCartney 2020 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

‘A Letter to My Loved Ones’ (A Letter to My Loved Ones) The campaign cinema, called, tells the special and inspiring stories of women around the world and in the UK. The ladies who read the letters they wrote while telling their stories are bravely displaying their scars by wearing Stella McCartney designs during the quarantine period.

Describing their journey from diagnosis to treatment and acceptance with images and photo shoots, women represent not only the stories of beating breast cancer, but a rising voice at the same time. You can watch the stories of women who showed their strength while breaking down the stigmas about breast cancer on Stella McCartney’s website.

Stella McCartney 2020 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

“I don’t think people realize how many young women are diagnosed with breast cancer. Many of these ladies are sent by doctors. These stories were hard to hear, but our theme was to show that every woman is positive, strong and invincible. By rethinking their lives, they surround themselves with people who bring satisfaction and positivity, and it was incredible to see it,” said Lynsey Addario, describing her new Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

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Stella McCartney 2020 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign 2020: Mel Bastien, Caroline Boore, Emma Campbell, Lizzi England, Leanne Hughes, Jane Hutchinson, Keely Joseph, Gemma Longland, Sharon Marshall-Green, Louisa Rasmussen, Toral Shah, and Nisha Tanna, and all of these women more than 35 years old, some young mothers. With safety and wellness in mind, the new Stella McCartney campaign has drawn these ladies in quarantine in their homes. In the Stella McCartney Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, which previously featured names such as Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne, Chelsea Handler, Alicia Keys, Sofia Vergara and Idris Elba, a group of women from across the country stand out this time.

Stella McCartney 2020 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

While it was stated that over 1 million British women missed their mammograms during the quarantine process, it was said that breast cancer diagnosis programs were disrupted due to the pandemic. “It saddens me every day that I lose the most precious person in my life, my mother, Linda, to this horrific disease. I have great admiration and gratitude for these ladies. For those who share their stories and for Lynsey and Alice, who bring these stories to you. Almost 11,500 Brits die of breast cancer every year, and we strive to make our voices heard for early detection and treatment so we don’t lose our loved ones. Join me to raise awareness and raise funds with our Whitney Popping underwear set,” said Stella McCartney, who is trying to make her voice heard in the name of breast cancer awareness every year.


The Louise Listening post-operative bra, presented in the campaign, is specially designed for women who have had mastectomy surgery. Both stylish and feminine, this bra is for women undergoing breast cancer treatment for its technical fabric, comfort and softness. Modified and designed in 2018, this bra offers a wide selection of bodies with its soft pockets and wide straps. This bra, which has been offered free of charge through Stella McCartney Cares since 2018, will be given free of charge to those who need a limited number of needs again in 2020.

Whitney Popping Underwear Set (Stella McCartney)

At the same time, in the 2020 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign, there is Whitney Popping, an underwear set designed by Stella McCartney every year. Combining strength and softness with an athletic silhouette, this line of underwear is designed for everyday use with its floral laces. The proceeds of the Whitney Popping underwear set will be donated to the Stella McCartney Cares foundation, which will contribute to organizations such as the Linda McCartney Center in Liverpool and the Hello Beautiful Foundation in London, which raise breast cancer awareness around the world.