Actor, hair icon, vineyard owner and rose producer Brad Pitt dives into the skincare pool filled with grapes… Le Domaine, a gender-neutral skincare line of four works, from winemaking residues, including olive oil from Pitt’s own vineyard. It consists of two patent-pending ingredients derived from natural sources and developed after years of research.

Pitt’s journey with grapes dates back to 2008, when he signed a long-term lease at the 1800-acre vineyard Château Miraval. In 2012 Pitt met Marc Perrin, now co-founder of Le Domaine, CEO of Miraval-Provence, and whose family has been in the wine business for over a century. And then they started to have detailed conversations about wines.

Pitt says he’s always considered launching his own skincare line, and several brands have approached him over the years, but it’s never been quite the truth. That is, until the idea of ​​creating a series using Perrin’s resources came up…

The Perrin family has spent over 10 years exploring how grape residues can be used after making wine to make production more circular. He works with Pierre-Louis Teissedre.

Then Dr. Teissedre created one of Le Domaine’s hero ingredients: GSM10, packed with antioxidants from the pulpy extract of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre grapes from the Perrin estates. Dr. Teissedre says of this ingredient, “When applied regularly, it protects against oxidation and in the long term ends skin aging. It also deals with the risk of dry skin,” she says.

But the skincare beauty didn’t stop there. The Le Domaine team continued their research with Dr. Nicolas Lévy, a medical geneticist who has been working on “Progeria”, a rare disease that causes rapid aging in children for more than 20 years. The second hero ingredient in the Le Domaine series of works is full of chamomile extract, green tea and molecules derived from the usual vine parts.

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The line currently consists of four creations: cleansing emulsion, serum, cream (Pitt’s favourite), and liquid cream, a lighter moisturizer (released in early 2023). Each piece is housed in a glass jar or bottle and closed with a wooden lid made from upcycled wine barrels from the Perrin family estates. The series is currently available on and will be available at major retailers in the future.